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  • 200+ Add-Ons Integrations
  • Dedicated Server Option
  • Flexible Hosting Plans
  • Bank-Level Security

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Why Choose Ace for Lacerte Software Hosting

Reasons why you can trust Ace for hosting

99.995% Uptime

Our Lacerte Software Hosting assures reliability and minimal downtime that comes with guaranteed 99.995% uptime.


Free Setup & Maintenance

Get your desktop applications setup and data migrated on the cloud by us at no additional costs.


7-Day Free Trial

Enjoy the hosting experience on cloud for 7 days at zero cost. No contract and no credit card required.


Pay As You Go

We help you to scale and adapt to the changing business needs with pay as you go pricing with high availability, disaster recovery and back up scenarios.

Host Lacerte Software In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1


Choose Hosting Plan

Select a plan depending upon the number of Lacerte Software users. Reach us and get a recommended pricing model that best matches your requirements.

Step 2


Share Lacerte Software Details

Just share your license details with us and we’ll take care of the rest. Get in touch with us today and experience a smooth transition to your new system!

Step 3


Get Started Instantly

Sit and relax, while we install Lacerte Tax Software and migrate your data to the cloud. This setup takes only 90 minutes and does not cost any extra charges.

Deploy Easy Integration On Cloud

To make it simple to connect and automate data sync with Lacerte Tax Software, our solutions are compatible with hosting a variety of desktop applications or add-ons, like SmartVault, OfficeTools, eFileCabinet, Intuit Quick Employer Forms Accountant, etc.

You can pick the hosting server’s resources based on your needs, which ensures excellent and constant performance regardless of how busy your apps get.


Host Additional Add-ons & Apps

Integrate 200+ add-ons, preferred applications, and your Lacerte Tax Software all in one location with ease.


Quick & Easy Setup

Get your desktop apps, such as Lacerte Tax Software, instantly configured in the cloud without paying anything more.


Unlimited Cloud Storage

Utilize infinite cloud storage for desktop applications like Lacerte software, along with quicker data backup and recovery.


Collaboration To Enhance Productivity

Lacerte Tax Software Hosting enables you to collaborate with your whole team of accountants, tax preparers, business partners, CPAs, and others on the same platform. It automates repetitive activities and boosts the efficiency of your tax processing, resulting in increased productivity even during tax season.

Furthermore, Ace Cloud delivers data visibility and access to decision-makers, allowing its users to work safely from any location, at any time, and on any device.


Remote Access

File your taxes on Lacerte Tax Software from anywhere, anytime without having to install it on a local computer.


Drag & Drop Option

Use a straightforward drag-and-drop method to quickly and effortlessly move your files or documents to the cloud.


Unlimited Users

Bring your entire team, clients, and partners to the Lacerte cloud for remote collaboration that will improve productivity.


Get Positive & Powerful Customer Experience

Ace Cloud is renowned for constantly delivering excellent and relevant customer service. We make every effort to live up to or even beyond the expectations of our clients. Regardless of how difficult your Lacerte hosting needs or issues are, we will come up with better resolutions within the allocated time.

We have a team of trained and experienced cloud specialists to handle all of your hosting issues, including counselling for installation, migration, maintenance, and support-related questions linked to Lacerte Software Hosting.


Always-On Support

Our support team is within easy reach round-the-clock, even on weekends and holidays.


2-Ring Support

Call us at any time, from anywhere, and we'll answer your queries in two rings or less.


Multi-Channel Customer Support

Get fully integrated customer service across all channels to fix your technical issues.


Customize Your Hosted Lacerte Software

We understand that a certain plan will not always be the best fit so we have come up with the best custom plans. Our Lacerte Hosting Plans are readily flexible, scalable, and cost-effective, enabling you to fully integrate our hosted Lacerte Tax Software with your company to boost profitability.

Just let us know what you need in terms of the Lacerte Hosting plan you’re interested in, and we’ll assist you in getting it installed on your safe server.


Optimize Your Resources

Only pay for what you really use. You have the option to upgrade or downgrade the service at any moment with Ace Cloud.


Simple Upgrades

Upgrade your hosting plan at any time, from anywhere, for additional storage, RAM, users, features, and efficiency.


All-In-One Cloud

To prevent any potential mistakes, gather your accounting software and all of your data files in one location.


Ready To Host Your Lacerte Tax Software On The Cloud?

We offer flexible plans to help you through every stage of your business from day one!

We Comply With The Highest Safety Standards

Ace Cloud uses the best security methods to protect against data breaches. We have a dedicated team of security professionals who ensure cloud compliance, stability, performance, and risk mitigation.


Resilient Tier IV+ & V Data Centers

We have partnered with SSAE-16 certified Tier 4+ & Tier 5 data centers in the US and adhere to PCI DSS, SOC, & HIPAA security standards.


Multi-Level Security System

We employ digital encryption, two-factor authentication, and other advanced security protocols to safeguard your information from malicious threats.


Disaster Recovery for Business Continuity

At Ace Cloud, our recovery points are designed to minimize the impact of outages and ensure redundancy for the data stored.


SIEM Integration

Our SIEM platform offers real-time monitoring and alerts so that our team can identify any suspicious activity and respond immediately.


Preventive Maintenance Schedules

We continuously update our server infrastructure with the latest security patches and software upgrades to keep your data safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, it is not mandatory. If you don't have a Lacerte Tax software license, you can get the best price and one with the most options and add-ons from Ace Cloud Hosting. However, if you already have one, we can also help you with installation and maintenance.

You can try a 7 Days Free Trial of our Lacerte Tax software to get a hands-on experience. No credit card, no contract required. Ace Cloud Hosting's free trial includes the following benefits:

Ace Cloud Hosting provides Lacerte Tax Software with safe and high-quality hosting. Your data is secure since all connections use industry-standard SSL-based encryption, as well as multiple firewall and antivirus security. Furthermore, authorized users are identified by the system at multiple levels of the cloud architecture via login details using multi-factor authentication.

Malware assaults, including ransomware, can be discovered and addressed before any unexpected events occur. To ensure business continuity, several copies of data backup are retained in geographically independent Tier 3+ and Tier 4 data centers.

For advice on the ideal Lacerte Hosting Solution for your business, reach out to our solutions consultants at any time by phone, email, or chat. We are willing to support Lacerte Tax Software users and respond to inquiries as soon as we can. Additionally, we offer guidance on installation, migration, maintenance, and support-related matters.

Your hosted Lacerte Tax Software in the cloud lets you host as many add-ons and desktop applications as you like. At ACE, we provide you access to more than 200+ add-ons and allow you the option to host as many add-ons needed on a single cloud platform.

You are free to host as many custom desktop applications and add-ons as you want with Lacerte Software Hosting to improve the functionality of your cloud platform. If your office relies on custom apps or add-ons, contact our solutions consultant to test their compatibility with hosted Lacerte Software.

To help you avoid unintended loss of your tax data, our hosting solutions maintain a rolling backup of 45 days at no additional cost. Furthermore, Ace Cloud Hosting has collaborated with SSAE-16 Tier 3+ and Tier 4 data centers in multiple cities including Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Tahoe Reno to provide the highest geographic redundancy.

Lacerte Software can be hosted in the cloud. Lacerte Tax Software Hosting firms, such as Ace Cloud Hosting, can assist you with running Lacerte Software on a cloud server, which you can access securely from anywhere at any time over the internet.

Yes, you can host Microsoft 365 with Lacerte Tax Software on the cloud. For that, you need to purchase the Microsoft 365 license separately. If you have one, we can help you with Microsoft 365 hosting but if you don't, then you can purchase it from us at a reasonable price.

No, you will have the same functionality as the Lacerte desktop version. The only difference is that you will host it in our cloud environment, which will provide extra benefits like remote access, high security, and uptime, among others.

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