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Ace Cloud Hosting Workplace Solutions: Get All Your Favorite Apps In One Place

Workspace is a flexible solution that delivers virtual desktops, applications, and data across diverse platforms, be it on macOS, Windows, Android, or iOS.
Ace Cloud Hosting offers Workspace as a Service with expertise in leading workspace solutions in the market, such as VMWare Workspace One and Citrix Workspace. You can choose among the various workspace solutions we offer to enhance employee productivity and streamline the workflow.
Opting Workspace as a Service (WaaS) from Ace Cloud Hosting will free you from all the on-premise IT bottlenecks as we take care of the underlying infrastructure.

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    Enhanced Mobility

    Enhanced Mobility

    Are the mobility restrictions posed by the local desktop infrastructure weighing your employee’s down?

    ACE’s Workspace as a Service offers flexible workstations with all your applications and data that can be accessed from any remote location at any time. With the end-user management feature, you can manage the access of apps from multiple platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Windows. This helps the employees to be up-to-date with their work.

    Multi-layered Data Security

    Ensuring application and data security in office premises requires the deployment of advanced protocols and robust infrastructure.

    Our workspace solution is built on a security infrastructure that ensures complete protection of your apps and data. Some of the security safeguards we deploy include TLS 1.3 and 256-bit data encryption, Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS), multiple firewalls, among others. We also deploy best practices for ransomware and DDoS protection to protect your apps from cyberattacks.

    Multi-layered Data Security
    Easy Desktop Provisioning

    Easy Desktop Provisioning

    The configuration and setting up of the office desktops take a toll on your time and efforts, leading to low productivity and loss of business hours.

    Ace Cloud Hosting’s WaaS enables easy deployment and access to the virtual desktops with any number of your favorite applications. Our support team of certified professionals ensures the addition or removal of the applications and desktops instantly as per your business requirements.

    Comprehensive End-to-end Management

    Managing workspace solutions in the office can be a time-consuming and revenue-sapping task.

    ACE’s Workspace as a Service is a completely managed solution. We are responsible for customizing, implementing, and managing the workspace solution with all your desired apps. Moreover, we also take care of the configuration, maintenance, and upgrade of the underlying hardware infrastructure with regular health checks.

    Comprehensive End-to-end Management

    Advanced Workplace Solutions

    We offer customized workplace solutions tailor-made to your business. You can choose these to work in tandem with your digital workspace to create a complete business platform to enhance the workflow and improve data security.



    Give your employees secure access to applications and data from anywhere and anytime without compromising on the performance.

    Identity Management

    Identity Management

    Prevent unauthorized access to your data and applications by providing access based on departments and groups.

    Why Ace Cloud Hosting?

    Always-on Support

    Get all your issues resolved over call, chat, or email with our round-the-clock customer support.

    99.99% Uptime

    We guarantee an uptime of 99.99% with our multi-redundant infrastructure and high-performance cloud environment.

    Citrix as Strategic Partner

    You get highly secure and customizable virtual desktops created on the Citrix workspace platform according to your requirements.


    Pay only for the resources you use, and according to the workspaces you opt for with our flexible pricing options.

    30-Day Backup

    Your data backup is taken automatically on our cloud for 30 days without any additional charges.

    Experienced Provider

    Host your workspace with a reliable provider that has over a 14+ years of experience in providing best-in-class cloud solutions.

    Stay Updated with Workspace Technologies

    Get the latest insights about the developments in digital workspaces from the leaders in the market and know how it can affect your business.


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