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With the complex workflows and growing client demands, it is becoming exceedingly difficult for the offices to meet their deadlines by sitting in front of their desktops all day. Businesses have started looking for more mobile and flexible solutions to stay ahead of their competitors.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution helps to cope up with the growing demands of the business such as real-time collaboration, remote access, data backup, top-level security, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery.

Ace Cloud Hosting offers you virtual desktops that are created with the help of VDI technology. You can access these desktops from your personal devices from anywhere at any time. You can also choose the desktop configuration according to your business demands and pay as per the usage.

We have certified experts who are available round the clock on chat, email, and phone to make sure that all the issues are solved timely. Our high-performance servers will leave behind your hardware-related problems.

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VDI Solutions

Why Choose Ace Cloud Hosting For VDI Services

Optimum Security

We deploy multi-factor authentication and data encryption for secure access to your desktops.

Flexible Pricing

We have custom pricing plans that cater to the needs of every type and scale of business .


Our High-Performance Computing (HPC) platform ensures no lag while accessing the desktops.

100-Day Backup

We deploy automated backup with a retention period of 100 days to ensure that no data is lost.

Disaster Recovery

Continue working uninterrupted even in the case of a disaster with our multi-redundant infrastructure.

Always-on Support

Get instant response and effective resolution from our team of VDI experts available round the clock.

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