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The Future Of Remote Work: Ace Virtual Desktop Solutions

In the modern age of remote work, finding a reliable and efficient solution to manage your data can be a challenge. That’s where Ace Virtual Desktop Infrastructure comes in.

Our award-winning Virtual Desktop Infrastructure delivers remote access and flexible pricing options that fit your unique needs, ensuring a faster return on investment. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our Hosted VDI solution simplifies IT infrastructure deployment for your remote workforce.


Of Organizations Utilize Virtual Desktop Infrastructure To Enable BYOD


Of Enterprise IT Expenditure In Key Market Segments Will Shift To The Cloud By 2025


Of Employees Need Access To The Latest Workplace Technology To Boost Productivity From Home

Ensuring Business Continuity with Ace Cloud Hosted VDI


Disaster recovery

Our multi-backup services and competent datacenters are located in disaster free zones, helping you keep your desktop environment running even in the event of any disaster


Streamlined IT management

With centralized IT management, we guarantee optimized management costs, automate routine tasks, allowing you to manage your desktop environment more efficiently



Making desktop environment platform fluid so you can access resources regardless of the system including tablet, mobile, and thin clients


High Performance Environment

Get high-performance computing with vGPU-enabled infrastructure giving power to execute high definition graphical computing

The Power Of Ace Cloud Hosted VDI: Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Future-proof your business: With Ace Cloud, say hello to increased productivity!

Ensure Multi-User Collaboration

Connect with your clients and colleagues and share sensitive files without risk in a collaborative environment

ensure multi

Increase Built-in Security Tools

Secure applications and data with TLS 1.3 for data in transit, hardware and software-based firewalls, and 256-bit encryption

security tools

Get Round the Clock Support

We are available 24 X 7 X 365 — including non-business hours, even on weekends or holidays around the year 

get round

Empower Workloads With Advanced SSD

Get faster storage and improve the speed on desktops with new-generation solid-state drives (SSDs) 

empower workloads

Expertise and Experience: Why Ace is the Right Choice for Your Busines

By leveraging the power of our Cloud Virtual Desktop Solutions, optimize your business operations like never
before and gain the competitive edge


High-Performance Architecture

Get access to a high-performance computing environment that ensures parallel processing of applications at blazing fast speed


Built-In Security Intelligence

Our multi-layered, 2FA Authentication and more security controls protect your most vulnerable business applications and data


Resilient Data Centers

Our Tier 3+/4 data centers are located in multiple geographic locations, ensuring your business is always up and running


Increased Savings By 1.5x

Turn exponentially critical workloads to the cloud VDI and achieve better Return on investment at the operational edge


Intelligible IT Stacks

Conquer the challenges associated with data migration and infrastructure setup to streamline your key IT operations


Built-in Workload Backups

Leverage efficient management and virtualized workloads with built-in data backup, replications, and cloning

Simple and Transparent Pricing: Ace Cloud
Hosted VDI Pricing Made Easy



Satisfactory fit for Startups and Light Data Entry Tasks



Suitable for Web-workloads and small browsing Apps



Designers and Testing Engineers, can be dedicated or shared



Dedicated vCPUs with GPU-enabled Compatibility

Experience the Flexibility and Freedom of Ace Cloud Hosted VDI –
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Complete Desktop Solutions: Ace Cloud
Hosted VDI for All Your Business Needs


Desktop as a Service

Get every business resource you need, all in one place, with VDI cloud or Desktop as a Service without worrying about security


Remote Desktop Services

Make way to enhance your digital experience uninterrupted from remote locations on windows desktop sessions


Hosted Virtual Desktop

Move your desktops to the cloud- it’s flexible, so you can get meet remote business demands thrown your way


Linux Virtual Desktop

Get high-definition experience on Linux as an open-source system to work on 3D and graphic-intensive applications


Citrix Managed Desktop

Make way to enhance your digital experience uninterrupted from remote locations on windows desktop sessions


Workspace as a Service

Move your desktops to the cloud- it’s flexible, so you can meet remote business demands thrown your way

Industry-Specific Cloud Desktops: The Perfect Fit

With ACE, experience a tailor-made, streamlined desktop experience that optimizes productivity and streamlines workflows.
Let us support your business to reach new heights with our customizable hosted desktop solutions.

Ace Hosted VDI Customer Success Stories

Qualitative Results That Speak Volumes: Uncover the leverage DaaS offers and stay ahead in the
competition with NextGet Tech.

Splashgain Achieves Low-Cost Digital Workspace Model, Keeping Codes and Applications Secure


Clients Leverage Better Security And Productivity With ACE Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let us address the most common questions you might have about Hosted VDI

A VDI solution is a technology that hosts virtual desktops on a centralized server created by VDI providers. It delivers a multi-user experience with a single control portal for seamless business management. Thanks to VDI, multiple users can work from anywhere and anytime with the utmost security and flexibility.

VDI allows a desktop operating system to run in a virtualized environment, typically on a server in a data center. The user interacts with the desktop OS and applications through a remote connection from their endpoint device, such as a laptop, tablet, or thin client.
In a typical VDI setup, a hypervisor runs multiple virtual machines, each with its own instance of a desktop operating system. These virtual machines are referred to as virtual desktops. The user's endpoint device connects to one of these virtual desktops and receives a stream of virtualized display and input/output commands. To know more, read our blog on What is VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)? How does VDI work?

Our VDI solutions pricing starts at a nominal cost of $30 per user per month. This comes with specific RAM, storage, and vCPUs. You can get a custom pricing quote if you have customized needs. Visit Hosted VDI Pricing for more information.

VDI is a virtualization technology that allows a desktop operating system to run in a virtualized environment, typically on a server in a data center.
In contrast, VPN is a secure network connection that enables users to access resources on a corporate network from a remote location, such as their home or a public Wi-Fi hotspot.
The VPN lacks complete security when users work from disparate locations. Here VDI is a more secure technology that can ensure security even when users operate from poles apart. Read this blog to know more: VDI vs. VPN: Is VPN Dead?

VDI and Virtual machines (VM) are not the same concepts, but they are closely related. A virtual machine creates a computing environment with its own CPU, storage, RAM, and more, just like physical desktops. In contrast, VDI works on a VM to provision applications. Without VM, you can't create a VDI.
You need a VM to host a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), but you don't need a VDI to host a VM

No, Citrix is the brand providing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). We, ACE, are the Citrix Strategic Partner and offer your managed virtual desktops hosted on the Citrix platform. This means we are responsible for every IT task from deployment to security, and you get high-performance experience.

Virtual desktops are of two types: Persistent vs. Non-Persistent. Persistent virtual desktops enable you to access all data, information, and settings that will remain saved after the end of a session. It retains all the data and requires more storage space. In non-persistent Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, your data and settings are lost at the end of the session, even if you saved them. It does not retain the data and hence requires less storage space. Understand all about Virtual desktops-Types and Benefits.

The costs associated with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the deployment, the hardware and software requirements, and the level of customization and support needed.
One way to reduce the costs of VDI is to consider a hosted VDI solution. With hosted VDI, you can reduce the costs associated with hardware, software, and infrastructure needed to run the virtual desktops and the associated maintenance and support costs. Know more: Hosted VDI Cost Calculation: Factors impacting your VDI Pricing (

A VDI deployment consists of several key components that work together to provide virtual desktops to end users.
These components include:
Hypervisor: This is the virtualization software that runs on the server hardware and creates the virtual machines that host the virtual desktops.
Connection Broker: This software manages the connections between the end users and the virtual desktops. It authenticates the user and connects them to the appropriate virtual Desktop.
Virtual Desktops: These virtual machines host the user's desktop environment, applications, and data.
User Profile Management: This component manages the user's settings and preferences, such as desktop wallpaper, application settings, and file locations.
Storage: The storage system provides virtual desktops with the necessary data and applications.

Yes, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives.
By using VDI to support BYOD, organizations can provide their employees with a secure and managed virtual desktop environment that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.
With VDI, the virtual desktop environment is hosted on a central server or in the cloud, allowing employees to access their desktop environment, applications, and data from anywhere using their chosen devices.
Keeping the data and applications within the virtual desktop environment, organizations can better protect their sensitive information from being compromised if the employee's device is lost or stolen.

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