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    Work On-The-Go

    With your entire construction process hosted on the cloud, you can access project information, on-field reports, and job costs anywhere, anytime. 

    Remote accessibility of your construction management software and data hosted on the cloud makes it easier to manage operations on the construction sites, thereby adding flexibility to do work.

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    Easy Integration With Add-Ons

    To perform tasks like cost estimation, project review, CAD, etc., you may need to integrate add-ons with the construction software. 

    At Ace Cloud, we offer seamless integration of add-ons with construction management software like Sage 100 Contractor, Sage 300 CRE, etc. You need not worry about the related technical process, as we will take care of it all.


    Fast And Reliable Construction Cloud

    The construction application and data you use to manage real estate projects can get the best computing power when hosted on our secure, SSD-based servers. 

    Managing data files, calculating job costing, collaborating with multiple users on a project, etc., it becomes easier when you choose us for the high-performance cloud environment for your construction process.

    construction cloud

    Protection From Disruptive Events

    Our cloud hosting services for the construction industry ensure that your business-related operations never face disruption with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. 

    We implement Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery to keep your data and applications safe and secure even in case of a disaster. You can count on us to safeguard your business from unexpected events.

    construction engineers discussing about cloud security

    Transform Construction Projects with Cloud Hosting

    Collaborate and communicate in real-time using cloud-based project management tools

    Why Ace Cloud Hosting?

    Seamlessly connecting businesses of all sizes to the cloud


    Hassle-free Sharing of Data

    With our cloud hosting services, you can easily share project-related updates amongst your team and clients in real time without facing any hassles.


    No Set-up Fee

    We won't charge you for setting up your construction process on our cloud. You can even get customizable cloud settings as per your needs.


    End-to-End Encryption

    To protect your data and applications on the cloud, we deploy 256-bit data encryption to allow only authorized users to access the data.


    Always-on Support

    Our certified team of cloud professionals is there to assist you with all your hosting-related queries. You can reach us via mail or a phone call.


    Data Backup

    To keep your construction data safe, we follow a 45-day backup policy. Lost data can be recovered even in case of a disruptive event.


    Private Server

    You can even request a dedicated server to host your construction management software and other applications to support your business.

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