SOC-as-a-Service: Enhance Security with 24*7 Monitoring

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SOC-as-a-Service By ACE

Managing complex SOC methodology is time-consuming and expensive. Our managed SOC-as-a-Service enables you to deploy a cost-effective, scalable, and flexible SOC approach without the risk of executing it in-house. We monitor cybersecurity threats, remediate vulnerabilities, and facilitate rapid response to minimize the ramifications of any breach.

Are you ready to set up a SOC? Ask Yourself

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Availability & hours

Should I staff my SOC 8×5 or 24×7?

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Do I have a standalone SOC or an integrated SOC and NOC?

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Is the plan to control everything in house, or will you use an MSSP?

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Am I using a single on-premises environment or a hybrid environment?

Our Approach


Monitoring, Analyzing & Responding to Security
Threats in Real Time



ACE SOC-as-a-service seamlessly integrates with your entire tech stack, ensuring your systems are monitored round the clock with lightning-fast real-time detection, expert analysis, and comprehensive reporting. So, you can rest easy knowing that you have a team of skilled security professionals keeping an eye on your network.



Say goodbye to the headaches of security event investigation! With our state-of-the-art service, we make the complex and time-consuming task of event analysis a breeze. Our threat database is constantly updated in real-time with the most up-to-date data, so you can be confident that your systems are protected against the latest threats.



Unlock valuable insights from a deep analysis of security events and violations with our exceptional service. Our team of experts will dive deep into the data to find out the root cause of any security issues. Our experts will then work with you to create customized workflows that plug any gaps in your security.

How ACE's SOC-as-a-Service Benefits Your Organization


Access to Global Intelligence

Get access to world-class knowledge with experienced security engineers, analysts, and threat responders. ACE delivers Global Intelligence you can trust.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Proven technology with a low TCO – ACE's SOC solution is easy to deploy and manage, saving you time and money.


Enhance IT Operations

Delivering real-time alerts and actionable insights for your team to take quick and informed actions. Enjoy superior IT performance with ACE.


24*7 Monitoring

ACE security experts are monitoring your security even when you’re offline with round-the-clock assistance and support.


Vulnerability Management

Keep your business safe from vulnerabilities with ACE’s comprehensive scanning and reporting capabilities.


Advanced Reporting

ACE's SOC as a service offers advanced reporting, analytics, and correlation for faster detection and response to security threats.

Secure Business Critical Assets with Scalable Pricing

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