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SurePrep’s TaxCaddy is a software that will help you organize all the necessary tax documents and keep them in one place. Clients can easily submit documents, chat on massaging with the tax software on the same platform.


  • Quote-based Pricing


Lacerte, ProSeries, UltraTax, ProSystem fx Tax

Features And Benefits

Automated List

TaxCaddy analyzes the client’s previous details and automatically generates a list that contains all the documents the client has submitted and what all are pending.

Electronic Signature

TaxCaddy allows clients to electronically sign documents from any device- tablet, mobile or desktop, and any location to avoid unnecessary office visits.

Quick Conversations

TaxCaddy Provides a messaging platform for clients and CPAs to make conversations convenient. Moreover, clients can easily reply to the messages using the TaxCaddy app.

Easy Invoicing

CPA Firms can create the billing of the services provided and send it to the clients, respectively. Clients from their end can quickly pay their bills using Ace or credit card.

Secure Payments

TaxCaddy provides clients an easy, secure way to make tax payments. TaxCaddy app has a direct option for State and Federal tax payments, saving time for both the clients and the firm.

Smart Links

TaxCaddy links with more than 300 financial institutions to get clients’ documents as soon as they are issued. With this, CPA firms do not have to contact clients for documents repeatedly.

SurePrep's TaxCaddy With Tax Software On Cloud

TaxCaddy is a software that solves the collaboration issue of both tax professionals and clients. By integrating tax software with TaxCaddy, tax professionals can interact, share documents, e-sign documents, and pay bills effortlessly.

TaxCaddy is a cloud-based application that can be easily accessed by everyone from any location and device. To have the same level accessibility for the tax software, you can host your tax software on the cloud.

Other than any time, anywhere access, you will get cloud advantages like top-notch security, uninterrupted updates, data backup, and a lot more. Moreover, hosting tax software with Ace Cloud Hosting offers extra benefits like :

  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Flexible Pricing Plans
  • Business Continuity
  • Always-on Support
  • Disaster recovery
  • High-Performance Computing