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eBay QuickBooks Enterprise Integration + Sync by Connex offers a solution for businesses to eliminate manual data entry, avoid oversells, keep track of inventory, manage sales tax, locate missing items, and more from a single place.


Starting at $588/yr


QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier. Enterprise)


Features And Benefits

QuickBooks Integration

eBay QuickBooks Enterprise Integration + Sync allows you to manage and simplify business processes by streamlining inventory and order management.

Automatic Upgrades For Free

The users are rewarded with new features, simplified UI, and other updates in the form of automatic upgrades at no extra cost.

Easily Map Fields

Automatically map custom fields, sales reps, and other fields to and from QuickBooks. Sync deposit accounts with payment methods to automate payment processing.

Save Time

Automatic syncing of inventory, sales data, and other information on the cloud-based platform ensures that your valuable time is saved and utilized in other productive tasks.

Manage Inventory

Use your QuickBooks solution for managing your inventory. Reduce human errors, eliminate oversells and missing items, keep track of the inventory from QuickBooks.

Transaction Log

Track every activity with the help of a user-friendly log. Set your preference as export to Excel or receive it via email daily.

Host eBay QuickBooks Enterprise Integration + Sync by Connex On Cloud

eBay QuickBooks Enterprise Integration + Sync is designed for you so that you can integrate eBay and other channels with your QuickBooks and automate manual data entry. However, hosting the integrated solution on a single cloud platform increases its power and performance even more. You can also access all your data from any location in the world via the internet.

  • 100-day Rolling Backup
  • High-performance Cloud
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Always-on Support
  • 10-day Free Trial