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ATX Tax Software

Why Choose Ace for ATX Software Hosting

Reasons why you can trust Ace for hosting

99.995% Uptime

Uninterrupted services with minimal downtime is guaranteed


45-Day Rolling Backup

Assured backup even at the time of a disaster or an accidental file deletion


Smooth Sharing

Easily exchange tax information, files, and documents among the team


Ongoing Support

Receive prompt and accurate responses round-the-clock

Host ATX Software In 3 Easy Steps

Effortlessly host ATX Software on dedicated cloud server with our simple 3-step process.

Step 1


Choose Hosting Plan

Select a plan depending upon the number of ATX Software users. Reach us and get a recommended pricing model that best matches your requirements.

Step 2


Share ATX Software Details

Just share your license details with us and we’ll take care of the rest. Get in touch with us today and experience a smooth transition to your new system!

Step 3


Get Started Instantly

Sit and relax, while we install ATX Software and migrate your data to the cloud. This setup takes only 90 minutes and does not cost any extra charges.

One Cloud for All Your Apps & Add-Ons

Integrate 200+ add-ons seamlessly with your ATX Tax Software at one centralized cloud platform. This makes it easier for you to operate, assess, and monitor operations in real time.


Integrate 200+ Addons

Seamlessly connect add-ons to ATX Software & increase productivity


Quick & Easy Setup

Quickly setup, upgrade and maintain your tax software for free


Unlimited Cloud Storage

Store as much data as you want and access it anytime anywhere

apps and add-ons

Speed Up Tax Filing Process with ATX Hosting

Achieve business operations with minimal latency with our HPC servers. So, if one fails, the other server will kick in so you can keep working without interruption.


Remote Access

File your taxes on ATX tax software from anywhere, anytime


High-Performance Computing

Leverage lightning-fast SSD servers to get optimum efficiency


Drag & Drop File Transfer

Quickly and easily transfer your files or documents on the cloud


Experience Powerful Customer Support 24x7

No matter how difficult your hosting requirements or issues are, we will provide better solutions within the time frame specified.


Always on Service

Get round-the-clock assistance to resolve any technical difficulties


2 Ring Support

Call us anytime & get an immediate response to any of your questions


Multi-Channel Support

Get technical support 24/7/365 via chat, mail, and call

Get Always-on Support

Get Complete Freedom to Customize Your Hosted ATX Software

Our ATX Hosting Plans are customizable & scalable to the changing demands of your company. Just tell us your needs & we’ll help you get it set up on your cloud server.


Scale Your Resources

Upscale or downscale the number of users, RAM, and much more


Easily Switch Plans

Switch between the ATX hosting pricing plans at any stage


Pay As You Go

Save money and only pay for the resources you use


Ready To Host Your ATX Tax Software On The Cloud?

We offer flexible plans to help you through every stage of your business from day one

We Adhere to the Best Security Practices in the Industry

Ace Cloud employs cutting-edge security measures to prevent data breaches. To guarantee cloud compliance, stability, performance, and risk reduction, we have a specialist team of security experts.


SIEM Integration

We streamline intelligent security analytics and visibility to identify, monitor, and address your major cybersecurity issues.


Resilient Data Centers

Ace Cloud has partnered with Tier 3+, 4 & 5 data centers in the US that are SSAE-16 certified and follow PCI DSS, SOC, and HIPAA security standards.


Multi-Level Security System

We use top encryption technology, multi-factor authentication, intrusion detection systems and much more to secure the remote access and enable higher productivity.


Disaster Recovery for Business Continuity

We promise business continuity with a proper restoration plan through the integration of high availability and true failover in our strong infrastructure.


Preventive Maintenance Schedules

To guarantee 99.995% uptime & minimal component failures, preventive maintenance procedures are created and implemented carefully.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, it is not mandatory. If you don't have an ATX Tax Software license, you can get one from Ace Cloud Hosting for the best price and with the most options and add-ons. However, if you already have one, we can help you with installation and maintenance as well.

You can try out ATX Tax Software's 7 Days Free Trial to see how streamlining your daily operations can be aided by relocating your tax practice to the cloud. For the Free Trial Program, there is no obligation and no need for a credit card.

No, you'll continue to use the same ATX desktop software. The only difference is that you will host it in our cloud environment, which will provide you with extra benefits like enhanced uptime, remote access, multi-level security, improved team collaboration, and much more.

Our Solutions’ Consultants are accessible around the clock by phone, email, or chat to advise you on the best ATX Hosting Solution for your company. We are prepared to give ATX Tax Software assistance and answer issues as quickly as possible. We also provide advice on installation, migration, maintenance, and support issues.

Along with your hosted ATX Tax Software, 200+ add-ons are available. Our clients at Ace Cloud Hosting have the freedom to host as many add-ons on a single cloud platform as they would like. This comprehensive approach will undoubtedly increase data flow among your firm's processes. CCH iFirm, SmartVault, PaperlessPlus, CCH® AnswerConnect, and others are a few of the most well-known examples.

Yes, it would function the same way. Another advantage is that you can use it on any device and there are no geographical restrictions.

Yes, you can host any ATX version along with any other version on the same cloud server. Multiple applications can be executed simultaneously on HPC systems. No delays or performance problems exist.

You can host your ATX Software on the cloud. ATX Tax Software Hosting companies, such as Ace Cloud Hosting, can help you run ATX Software on a cloud server, which you can to enable real-time access from any location via the internet.

When ATX Tax Software is hosted on the cloud, many additional benefits such as faster data recovery, better uptime, add-ons integration, ongoing support, etc., are available for tax experts. ATX Tax Software installed locally can only be accessible on the system where it is installed. You get anywhere software access on the go with ATX Tax Software Hosting. You also get the benefit of automated backups of data to ensure faster recovery.

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