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ATX Software Hosting

How Hosting ATX Tax Software Helps You?

With ATX tax software hosting, it is the time to add more ability, agility, and accessibility to your total office. Let cloud power your tax software to process more taxes in lesser time – from anywhere, anytime.


For its abundance of simplicity with tax filing features, ATX software can serve most accounting needs satisfactorily. But, just satisfactory results are no more a need of the hour. To stay on the top of accounting even in the busiest tax season, you need a lot more than that. So, Ace Cloud Hosting caters all the right features that will take your tax processing operations to whole new levels.

Hosting tax software on cloud allows you with better options to monitor and control the user access on the applications. With 99.995% uptime SLA and unlimited resource scaling options, your applications remain available without any interruption to keep your performance growing and growing.

ATX Hosting Benefits with Ace Cloud Hosting

Data Backup & Security

Herculean security to maintain data security and automated backup nullifies chances of accidental loss.

Available Anytime, Anywhere

The cloud-based ATX software is available for use beyond the local machine to work from anywhere, anytime.

Experience of Goodness

With more than a decade of services in application hosting, we can deliver, precisely, the perfection.

Round the Clock Support

Our expert team is available 24x7 to maintain smooth operation so that you can work without any hassle.

Ease of Sharing

Create, control, and monitor multiple user access of ATX software to allow faster tax processing and filing.

No Device Restriction

ATX on cloud is accessible to the users without any device restriction, be it your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

More Applications, More Benefits

Ace Cloud Hosting is your one-stop solutions for all types of applications hosting needs. To support your tax software effectively, we offer a number of benefits to provide hosting of additional applications, such as – QuickBooks, MS Word, MS Excel, Email exchange service, etc. Our bunch of options, which include Shared, Private, and Hybrid hosting servers, lets you pick the best fit for your needs. Our easy-to-scale plans lets you opt for the server resources as per requirement at very convenient prices.