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Experience Thrilling Performance With The Cloud

Leverage the power of cloud and grow your business.


Global Accessibility

Get the vital information required for the success of your business at your fingertips at any time and from any location.


Business Continuity

Run your business without interruption and make sure that your operations are productive even in case of disaster.


Full Compatibility

Access Sage BusinessWorks software on the cloud from any internet-connected device or operating system.


Total Control

Get absolute control over your business. Assign roles and permission to the users as per the business requirements.

Configure Sage in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1


Pick the Best Strategy

Contact a representative to discuss a cloud hosting package that will meet your needs.

Step 2


Provide Sage Details

Share your hosting license for Sage. You can purchase it from Sage if you don’t have it.

Step 3


Cloud Configuration

You can set up your Sage cloud per your needs for users, RAM, and storage.  

Effortless Collaboration

Hosting Sage BusinessWorks accounting software on the cloud with Ace Cloud Hosting allows CPAs, business owners, and clients to collaborate in real time. 

A multi-user environment lets authorized members of the team monitor, analyze, and edit accounting payables, receivables, inventory control, purchasing, payrolls, general ledger, and job cost, leading to better and faster business decisions. 

Effortless Collaboration Sage Hosting

Smooth Integration

Ace Cloud Hosting gives you the freedom to integrate Sage BusinessWorks with other applications and enhance its functionality, efficiency, and features. 

Smooth integration with third-party applications such as Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Act! CRM, etc., will help to accelerate and automate your accounting tasks. It offers a single solution for all your business processes.

Smooth Integration Sage Hosting

Unlimited Support

The dedicated support team of Ace Cloud Hosting is available round the clock to troubleshoot all types of issues and keep your Sage BusinessWorks software always up and running. 

Instant assistance for any IT-related or hosting-related issue is available over the phone, chat, or email, even on weekends. We ensure smooth and uninterrupted operations so you can focus on your business without wasting time on these distractions. 

Unlimited Support

Enhanced Security

Ace Cloud Hosting implements top-notch security measures at multiple levels to ensure that Sage BusinessWorks accounting data, like employee information, paychecks, etc. are safe. 

We implement various security methods such as 256-bit data encryption, firewalls, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, and multi-factor authentication to ensure that all confidential data, like credit card information and invoices, is safe from accidents and cyberattacks.

Enhanced Security Sage Hosting

Accelerate Your Accounting Processes with
Hosted Sage BusinessWorks Tailor-made for Your Business

Simplify Your Accounting with Hosted Sage BusinessWorks and Our Expert Support Team

Boost Your Business Productivity with Ace Cloud Hosted Sage BusinessWorks and Comprehensive Reporting 


Zero Downtime

A guaranteed 99.99% uptime ensures that hosted Sage BusinessWorks software is always accessible.

Data backup

Data Backup

A 45-day rolling back up on remotely located secure servers for easy recovery to protect the data from any deletion or change.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

The Disaster recovery plan ensures that Sage BusinessWorks data is protected against natural or artificial disasters.

Custom Cloud

Custom Cloud

A customized cloud solution gives complete freedom to add or remove resources according to business demands.


Scalable Plans

The pay-as-you-go policy gives the privilege to pay only for the resources and services used and change your plan whenever required.

Free Trial

Free Trial

7 days free trial available for the live experience of Sage BusinessWorks cloud hosting on the servers of Ace Cloud.

Hear from our Happy Customers

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Game changer for my business!

This was a game changer for my business. Allowing multiple people to access the same computer online and use it anywhere was just what our company needed.
Heather Clausen
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Customer service is very responsive!

We have been using their services for 8 months and very happy with it. Server is up almost all the time. Speed is good. Customer service is very responsive. Prices are reasonable. What else you can ask!. Strongly recommended.
Asif Ehtesham
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Pricing is really economical!

My experience with ace cloud hosting is very good now, their pricing is really economical and the services they provide is one of the top class. The best part is their team is very supportive.
Manya Agr
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Ace Cloud services is my go-to choice!

I have consistently experienced exceptional service while using ACE cloud services. Every time I've reached out for assistance, their team of highly professional, courteous, and helpful technical personnel has exceeded my expectations.
Kamal Sharma

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The benefits of Sage BusinessWorks Hosting include enhanced accessibility, improved data security, seamless collaboration, scalable infrastructure, and reduced IT costs. Hosting Sage BusinessWorks on the Ace Cloud platform allows you to access your data and software from anywhere, anytime while enjoying advanced security measures and automatic backups.

Sage BusinessWorks Hosting hosts your Sage BusinessWorks software and data on Ace Cloud's secure servers. You can access your hosted Sage BusinessWorks application through a remote desktop connection with an internet connection from any device. This allows you to work on your Sage BusinessWorks files in a secure and reliable hosted environment.

Yes, you can customize Sage BusinessWorks in the hosted environment. The hosted version of Sage BusinessWorks allows you to install add-ons, integrate third-party applications, and tailor the software to your specific business needs. With Ace Cloud's Sage BusinessWorks Hosting, you can customize and optimize your software for maximum efficiency.

The cost of Sage BusinessWorks Hosting may vary depending on the number of users, storage requirements, and additional services or features you choose. To get an accurate pricing quote for Sage BusinessWorks Hosting, it is recommended to contact Ace Cloud Hosting directly. They will provide you with detailed pricing information based on your specific requirements.

Yes, Sage BusinessWorks can be accessed from the cloud through Ace Cloud Hosting. When you opt for Sage BusinessWorks Hosting, your software, and data are securely hosted on remote servers, allowing you to access and work on your Sage BusinessWorks application from any location with an internet connection. This cloud-based approach offers convenience, flexibility, and improved collaboration for businesses using Sage BusinessWorks.

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