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Tabs3 Billing is a reliable, trusted, and award-winning billing software designed especially for law firms. Its integration with QuickBooks helps law firms manage their business and accounting operations, giving them an all-in-one solution.


Single User: $1840

Multi-User: $2450


QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise), ProPay, and LawPay

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Features And Benefits

Track Working Time

Track the working time, even when you’re on the move, and turn those hours into billable amounts. The system uses task-based electronic billing in preferred formats.

Enter Fees and Costs on the Go

Use Tabs3 Connect to use your smartphone or tablet to see your calendar and documents, enter your time, and gain access to Tabs3 software while you’re on the move.

Batch Email Statements

Use Tab3 EMail Statements to save time by automatically attaching a PDF with client information and sending batches of statements to them.

Create Easy to Understand Reports

Never let guesswork affect your business decisions - create simple and easy to understand business reports to increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

Electronic Billing Using Taskbill

Generate electronic bills in more than 100 formats using Taskbill - including LEDES and LitigationAdvisor. The feature also lets you save fee and cost information electronically.

Billing Flexibility

Tabs3 Billing software offers you the freedom to create bills with the flexibility you need - bill by timekeeper level, or create custom rates.

Host QuickBooks and Tabs3 On The Same Cloud For Smooth Performance

Tabs3 Software is the solution that legal firms need as it offers unmatched precision and features to them. Its integration with QuickBooks gives law firms an edge over their competitors.

However, hosting the two applications on the cloud servers of Ace Cloud Hosting makes the solution even more powerful. The software solutions integrate smoothly without any bottlenecks, and you do not have to worry about system performance at all. Our cloud servers offer benefits like:

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Flexible Pricing Plans

Always-on Support

99.999% Uptime

10-day Free Trial

100-day Backup

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