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Minute7 enables employers to keep track of the employees’ time and expenses efficiently. Being a cloud-based solution, Minute7 gives employees and employers remote access and multi-device compatibility features.


$8 per month (30-day Free Trial)


QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise


Features And Benefits

Time Tracking

Minute7 offers online, web-based timesheets that can be accessed by employees and contractors from any location at any time.

Expense Tracking

The employers can keep track of their employees’ expenses with ease on the Minute7 web interface and integrate it directly with QuickBooks.


Employers get enhanced visibility into the employees’ and vendors’ time and expenses with reports and summaries. Export the data directly into Excel.

Multi-device Access

The employees can access their timesheets through the device of their choice, be it smartphones (iPhone and Android), PCs, or Mac.

Mileage Calculator

The employees can put in their traveling expenses for reimbursements. The employers can make accurate calculations with the updated rates from the IRS.

QuickBooks Integration

The employers can sync their employee and vendor data directly into QuickBooks for an error-free invoicing and payroll process.

Host QuickBooks on Cloud to Optimize Sync with Minute7

Minute7 is a cloud-based solution that gives employers the ability to access their timesheets from any location at any time. You can give this ability to QuickBooks also by hosting it on the cloud. Moreover, with the integration of Minute7 and QuickBooks on cloud, you will get a complete cloud solution for your business. Hosting with Ace Cloud also offers additional benefits, such as –

  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Multi-layer Security
  • Automated Backup Solution
  • Pay-as-you-use Pricing
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Always-on Support