Answers to most frequently asked questions
about Desktop-as-a-Service and Hosted VDI

Yes, migration service comes as part of our DaaS solutions. Just get in touch with our support team, and we will take care of the data and app migration from your local desktops.

Ace Cloud Hosting serves the needs of all businesses that want to manage their employee desktops in an affordable, secure, and flexible manner, especially as remote workspace is the new normal. Ace Cloud Hosting provides remote desktop solutions for all segments, including financial, insurance, professional services, legal, construction, manufacturing, and many more.

Yes, you can ask for any preferred application to be installed on your virtual desktops. We offer a personalized desktop experience for the users, where you can configure the desktops as per your requirements.

ACE virtual desktop fully supports all LoB applications and allows for the same type of flexibility that you enjoy on your physical desktops. We support BYOL and open-source licensing such as Open office. Moreover, ACE, being a Tier 1 partner with Microsoft, can provide Microsoft 365 subscription on a monthly subscription.

Our instrumentation provides us with the required visibility on infrastructure and desktop level utilizations. The power of a fully managed service is that you do not have to deal with utilization alerts, etc. Ace Cloud Hosting will appropriately adjust the capacity to maintain performance.

The following endpoint device platforms are supported by Ace Cloud Hosting:
– Windows Desktop
– Web Browsers
– macOS
– iOS
– Android

Bandwidth on the cloud end is included in your Ace Cloud Hosting pricing, so there should not be any concern related to bandwidth usage. However, the amount of bandwidth used depends on the type of work the end-users are performing. Typically, bandwidth usages are:
Light desktop workload – 1.5 Mbps
Medium desktop workload – 3 Mbps
Heavy desktop workload – 5 Mbps
Power desktop workload – 10 Mbps
Note: Additional bandwidth can be consumed with audio/ video streaming.

Yes, we do support GPU cards for multimedia and graphic intensive workloads. Please contact our solutions team for more information on GPU enabled virtual desktops.

Ace Cloud Hosting can support two monitors and up to six monitors – depending upon the solution.

You will be charged for the number of users per month.

For our monthly-based subscription, there is no lock-in period and you can cancel anytime with a 30 days’ notice.

Yes, you can add or delete desktops as per the changing business requirements. We offer managed services, wherein we will take care of it for you. Your subscription will be altered accordingly. Any new desktop addition/deletion will be considered as a new order in your account and will be added to the existing subscription.

Cloud desktops are much more flexible than conventional desktops, giving you the ability to access them from any location at any time. You can alter the configuration almost instantly, with the capability to add-remove desktops as per your requirement. With desktops created on a public/private cloud you gain more agility.

The location of your users does not matter unless they have access to a steady internet connection and an endpoint device. Users can access their virtual desktop whenever and wherever they want.

Admins can control the type of peripherals that can be accessed within the virtual desktop by implementing policies according to the needs of the clients. Most of the USB peripherals, such as pen drives, printer, and scanners that are supported in Windows, will be supported by Ace Cloud Hosting.

Ace Cloud Hosting takes ownership of the cloud desktop Service Level Agreement (SLA), allowing your IT team to work on more strategic projects. Since ACE offers fully managed DaaS services, the clients do not need IT expertise to manage IT infrastructure, provision virtual desktops, or implement upgrades. They just need the endpoint devices (Laptops, PC’s, MacBook, Tablets, etc.) to access cloud desktops.

The virtual desktop can be accessed from any HTML 5 supported web browser. There is also a client software available for installation on end-user devices. The client can be downloaded on thin clients, PCs, Mac, Android, iOS, and Chromebooks.

No personally identifiable information (PII), sensitive credentials, or documents are stored within ACH. User/VDI data is stored in the servers, and we don’t control, verify, or endorse the data that you put on our server. Please read the Terms and Conditions to know more.

No, Ace Cloud Hosting is a fully managed offering that includes patch management. While we do not support an outside patch management system, one of our solution engineers might be able to assist if there is a specific need.

Yes, we can create a file server for you. Please contact our solution team for more information.

Ace Cloud Hosting is a fully managed desktop solution. However, if you need to include specialized servers, you can always reach out to our solutions team, who might be able to augment your plan.

Yes, you can expand the existing infrastructure as we support hybrid deployment models. While the most common deployment, simply due to proximity, is to bring both desktops and line of business applications within the Ace Cloud Hosting environment, businesses can select just the users for whom it makes the most sense (such as remote users, employees in satellite offices, users with older PCs).

Our plan comes with backup for your user and desktop data that will be stored for 30 days on our cloud.

Yes. We provide Microsoft Defender Antivirus as a part of the Windows virtual desktops by default. We can also provide CrowdStrike antivirus as an add-on.

Yes, we provide TFA from DUO. However, this can be purchased as an add-on.

Yes, we provide ransomware protection with the help of CrowdStrike.

Yes, you can access your local drive in the virtual desktop environment as we enable file and folder redirection as a part of ACH’s DaaS service.

We provide TLS 1.3 encryption for data in transit to prevent cyber threats like man in the middle attacks as all your data is in encrypted form, incomprehensible by any malicious attacker.

Our data center partners are HIPAA and PCI compliant. Our solutions team will work with your team to create an HIPAA and PCI compliant virtual desktop environment.

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