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The insurance sector plays a vital role in a country’s economy. However, with the dynamic insurance policies and increasing customer base, the legacy desktop systems can no longer cater to the industry’s mobility and security requirements. The industry needs a flexible platform that can evolve with the ever-changing requirements.
Ace Cloud Hosting’s Desktop as a Service offers a tailor-made desktop solution for the insurance industry. We offer virtual desktops for the managers, agents, as well as contractors that can be accessed from any location at any time. It provides real-time information to the agents on their personal devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets, so they do not need to sit in the office all day.
We offer a fully managed DaaS, so the insurance sector does not need to invest time in the daily IT issues. We take care of all your desktop-related tasks, such as desktop design, management, provisioning, application installation & updates, scaling, and security.

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    Mobility for Agents

    Mobility for Agents

    The insurance agents need mobility in their daily operations to meet prospective clients. However, the local desktops do not offer anywhere access to the data.

    By choosing ACE’s DaaS, you get virtual desktops that can be accessed on personal devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets from remote locations, anytime you want. This gives your employees the ability to be at the beck and call of their clients, even while traveling.

    Reduced Capital Expenses

    The insurance companies need to purchase high-end office desktops for the agents to ensure proper and uninterrupted workflow.

    By opting for ACE’s DaaS, you can save big on the capital expenses as we take care of all your desktop requirements. We will provide you the desired number of virtual desktops (with the desired configuration), which the employees can access from their personal devices.

    Reduced Capital Expenses
    No More IT Issues

    No More IT Issues

    Where there are desktops, there are issues. The office’s physical desktops require a dedicated IT team in the office to cater to all these issues and avoid downtime.

    With ACE’s Desktop as a Service for the insurance industry, you get round-the-clock customer support from our team of VDI experts. You can contact our team anytime via call, chat, or email for a swift response and efficient resolution.

    Complete Data Security (PII)

    The insurance sector deals with some critical Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of the customers. Hence, it is imperative to secure the data from threats like hardware malfunctions and cyberattacks.

    ACE’s DaaS is created under multiple levels of security. We ensure total desktop protection from OS patching, antivirus management, and access controls to IP restriction, end-to-end data encryption, and smart policies.

    Complete Data Security (PII)

    Why Choose ACE?

    30-Day Backup

    All your data is backed up automatically for 30 days with easy recovery options in case of a crisis.

    Customized Solutions

    Just tell us your requirements, and we will design the perfect solution for your company.

    On-demand Provisioning

    We can add or remove desktops instantly as per the changing needs of your workforce.

    High-Performance Computing

    Run any number of applications simultaneously without lag on our high-performance desktops.

    Group Policies

    Give or deny access to desktop features like USB, printing, etc. to the users according to their groups.


    You will be charged according to the desktop resources you use and not a penny more.

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