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ACE’s Fully Managed DaaS: Reduce Operational Hassles with High-Performance Desktops

The ITES industry caters to a wide spectrum of services with a common focus to ensure customer satisfaction. However, in this highly competitive landscape scenario, the service industry is looking for more flexible solutions than their office desktops. They need a solution that lets them serve customers whenever and wherever required.
Ace Cloud Hosting offers Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution tailor-made to counter the challenges of the ITES industry. By opting for DaaS, you get flexible desktops that can be accessed from remote locations, allowing you to work for clients anytime.
We take end-to-end ownership of desktops, which includes desktop implementation, migration, and management. Moreover, you can upgrade the desktops as per requirement just by getting in touch with our support team.

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    Serve Customers from Anywhere

    Serve Customers from Anywhere

    The immobility of the office desktops often gets in the way of serving the customers while you are traveling or on vacation.

    Don’t let the physical boundaries hamper your customer services. With ACE’s DaaS solutions for the ITES industry, you get on-the-go virtual desktops that can be accessed from any location at any time on your smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Hence, you get the flexibility to work even from the comfort of your home, ensuring that you are always available to customers.

    Give the Power of HPC to Your Workforce

    Offering best-in-class IT services can sometimes lead to the workforce working on multiple applications simultaneously, which can only be accomplished with expensive office desktops possessing high computing power.

    Ace Cloud Hosting’s hosted VDI solution is built on a High-Performance Computing (HPC) cloud environment, capable of processing multiple applications in real-time. Hence, you can work on the virtual desktops from any location without experiencing any performance issues.

    Give the Power of HPC to Your Workforce
    Reduce Infrastructure Costs

    Reduce Infrastructure Costs

    Like any service industry, one of the biggest concerns for the ITES industry is the budget, a big part of which goes into setting up the office for the workforce.

    By opting for ACE’ Desktop as a Service, employees get the freedom to work remotely, helping you optimize the seating arrangements in the office. Moreover, as the employees can access virtual desktops on their personal devices, you can implement flexible working policies like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

    Eliminate Hassles with Fully Managed Desktops

    One thing that the IT/ITES industry lacks the most is time. However, at any time, your hard disk can malfunction, or your OS gets corrupted, bringing your operations to an unexpected halt.

    Ace Cloud Hosting offers the IT/ITES industry with a fully managed DaaS solution. Our Solutions Consultants will take care of the designing, implementation, and provisioning of the virtual desktops. Once you start working on the desktops, we are also responsible for its security (server and endpoint), management, and upgrade. Moreover, we also ensure regular application updates to offer you the latest versions.

    Eliminate Hassles with Fully Managed Desktops

    Why ACE

    End to End Security

    We deploy multiple security measures like 256-bit encryption, TLS 1.3, group policies, access controls, OS patching, and compliance management.

    Personalized Experience

    Give your employees a personalized experience as we design the desktops as per their work process and preferences.

    Custom Solutions

    Get completely customized tailored solution according to your business requirements.

    Round-the-clock Support

    Get in touch with our team of VDI experts, available at your beck and call through call, chat, or email, to get efficient resolution and consultation.

    99.99% Uptime

    With no downtime, and 99.99% uptime, we ensure that your business data and apps are always available to you.

    30-day Backup

    Have peace of mind knowing that your data is automatically backed up every day, and safely stored for 30 days.

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