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Melio Payment – Ace Cloud

Melio offers your business the flexibility to pay and get paid exactly how you want. Integration with QuickBooks Desktop allows your team to synchronize data, import bills, manage invoices, and…

Infusionsoft by Connex

Sync InfusionSoft with your QuickBooks Desktop and sync orders, inventory, etc. from various sales channels

BigCommerce by Connex for QuickBooks

Sync the order, products, inventory, and customers of your order management solution with QuickBooks Desktop

Authorize.NET by Connex for QuickBooks

Create a single line for total items to process and authorize payments with ease


Manage costs, orders, inventory updates, invoices, bills, and more by automating the manual tasks and sync with QuickBooks.


Manage inventory by dividing QuickBooks data into groups or sections with this POS software

ebay QuickBooks Integration Sync

Preview orders, sync eBay with your QuickBooks Desktop with the automatic sync of inventory, products, and orders

Magento By Connex

Sync sales channels like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify with QuickBooks for syncing of orders, customers and more


Integrate your online retail store with QuickBooks Desktop to create a complete ecommerce solution with Automatic Setup Wizard

SmartScan Label Link

SmartScan Label Link allows QuickBooks users to print barcodes from QuickBooks items data easily and quickly using the existing barcode labeling software. It eliminates the need for exporting product information…