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Safe Client File Exchange Solution

Document Management

Drake Portals allows your clients to get their own piece of cloud on the SecureFilePro.com domain. You and your clients can then upload, access, and share confidential information in a safe and convenient way.




Drake Software

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Features And Benefits

Send and Receive Files

Upload tax returns, W-2’s, and other files on the portal so you and your client can download and view them easily at your individual devices.

Remote Access

Both you and your clients can upload and download files from anywhere in the globe, at any time, and from any device via a secure internet connection.

Security Guaranteed

Your site and all the documents are always secured by industry-standard security measures- with built-in security, all of the files are encrypted and safe.

Mobile-Friendly Features

The mobile-friendly interface of Drake Portals lets your clients snap photos of the tax documents. They can also e-sign the documents through their mobile or PC.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate your website with the Drake Tax Software for safe client file exchange. Its Instant Messaging feature enables easy communication with your clients.

Data Backup

Easily backup your Drake tax files as Drake Portals come with default 5GB of file transfer space that can be extended for an additional price.

SecureFilePro and Drake Work Seamlessly On The Same Cloud

SecureFilePro (Drake Portals) is web-based and works on any browser and computer. Integrating Drake Tax Software and Drake Portals enables you to exchange confidential information and documents in a safe and convenient manner. Hosting your tax software and syncing it with a web-based application saves your time and eliminates the most tedious parts of your office workflow.

Ace Cloud Hosting’s cloud platform offers benefits like:

99.999% Uptime Guarantee

Always-on Support

100-Day Rolling Backup

High-Performance Computing

Flexible Pricing Plans

Enterprise-grade Security

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