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Thinking of Moving Your Tax Software to the Cloud? Ask These 9 Questions

Many tax firms have stepped up and embraced software hosting in the past few years. By doing so, they can reach higher productivity levels and work more efficiently.   You, too, can host your tax software and enjoy remote accessibility, better security features, and much more.    However, with so many hosting providers available, you can get confused. But don’t worry! We have compiled 9 questions that you must ask your tax software hosting provider. This will give you a clear idea and help you choose the right provider.    1. Enquire about a demo session   You should ask if the ... Read more

Top 5 Tax Season Security Tips For 2022

One of the most crucial times of accounting, tax season not only keeps the accountants busy but the common people too. While taxpayers keep no stone unturned in ensuring proper filing of their state and federal taxes, cybercriminals are equally keeping themselves engaged in devising strategies for stealing the taxpayers’ personal information, money, and identity.  Ranging from fake IRS calls to spear-phishing emails, cybercriminals are continuously evolving new ways to submit fraudulent returns, collect refunds, and often steal identities. Irrespective of the type of taxpayer you are, it’s crucial that you have the appropriate strategy to create a tax season security plan. ... Read more

Questions to Ask Tax Software Hosting Provider Before Starting a Cloud Journey

The benefits provided by cloud technology are too great to ignore – particularly for tax professionals and accounting firms. Most tax professionals are now using the latest technologies to simplify their day-to-day tasks and focus on key business operations.   While there are many tax software available – Drake, Lacerte, ATX, or TaxWise, the important thing is accessing them from anywhere via the cloud. That’s where hosting tax software on the cloud comes into play. Simply stated, the cloud helps businesses streamline their operations with the numerous features it offers.   As there are many cloud providers in the market to host ... Read more

ATX Tax Software Hosting in Tax Season 2022

We may not realize it, but we all use different cloud-based services like (Gmail, OneDrive, etc.) in our daily lives. It has revolutionized and impacted how we transmit and access our information. Tax firms and tax professionals have also realized the same and enjoy the benefits offered by the cloud with ATX Tax software hosting.   You, too, can host your ATX software on the cloud and enjoy a unique experience during the tax season of 2022. You can always set up in-house hosting infrastructure; it is always better to use a hosted solution from a cloud hosting provider. You get ... Read more

Breeze Through Tax Season 2022 By Accessing Tax Data from Your Home

The COVID-19 pandemic hit at the beginning of the year 2020. Since then, accessing tax data remotely and ensuring its security has been a major challenge for tax professionals. However, a desktop application lacks modern-day necessities such as remote access (a need since the pandemic started). This is why tax professionals now host their favorite tax applications like Drake Tax Software on the cloud. Drake tax hosting enables professionals to access their tax data remotely via the Internet. Also, security offerings by reputed hosting providers make it a foolproof solution. This way, hosting your Drake Tax Software on the cloud, ... Read more

How Tax Season 2022 Will Be Beneficial For Cloud-Based QuickBooks Users

QuickBooks Desktop is a robust accounting application and has assisted multiple industries with their financial needs. Now with the tax season 2022 around, its need will be much greater than before. However, before you head into tax season 2022, here is a question. Do you still want to use your traditional QuickBooks (QB) desktop setup or ease your accounting processes by leveraging cloud-based QuickBooks? While conventional QB systems have been in use for years, they lack certain features which may greatly assist you during tax season 2022. Take remote access, for instance. Unlike traditional QB Desktop, cloud-based QuickBooks can be ... Read more

Why Should You Host QuickBooks Desktop On The Cloud In Tax Season 2022?

With tax season 2022 around the corner, many accountants and CPAs will be excited for the business opportunities that come with it. However, most of them still use traditional QuickBooks (QB) Desktop, which lacks remote access (a must for tax season 2022), ultimately undermining their overall potential and preventing them from making the most of the upcoming tax season. The cloud boosts the pre-existing functionalities of QB Desktop, allowing you to be more productive with increased business output. Ultimately, it improves your organizational prospects and empowers you to utilize your potential fully. Here are some reasons why should you host ... Read more

How To Prepare for Tax Season With Hosted QuickBooks

The tax season is already at its peak. However, with the filing deadline being extended to May 17, individuals have now got some additional time in their hands. Whether you have already paid your returns or still planning to do so, there are some technological platforms you can adopt to streamline the filing process now or in the future. No institution in the accounting domain is oblivious to QuickBooks and its features. However, with the ongoing pandemic and challenges it has brought, using QuickBooks on traditional systems is not enough. Tax firms are looking for more agile IT solutions to ... Read more

Benefits of Hosting Drake Tax Software on Cloud

Drake is a popular tax software among tax preparers, CPAs, and accountants. The software allows them to prepare accurate tax returns and increase their productivity with features like e-Signature, Drake Tax Planner, Drake Scheduler, and more. However, tax professionals still face challenges like filing the returns on time, assisting their clients during non-business hours, collaborating with other team members, sharing files, and keeping the data secure. Hosting Drake on the cloud enhances its capabilities, solving the problems mentioned above for tax professionals and tax firms. Let’s shed some light on some of them in detail: 1. Access From Wherever, Whenever ... Read more