What Is QuickBooks Hosting? How does QuickBooks on Cloud Benefits your Business?

QuickBooks Hosting is the process of installing the QuickBooks Desktop accounting software on the cloud server, making it accessible via a web browser. It leverages cloud-based technology to deliver enhanced access, scalability, and collaborative capabilities, offering a more adaptable and efficient approach to accounting than traditional on-premises installations.

In simple terms, QuickBooks hosting is like setting your QuickBooks accounting software on a powerful computer (i.e., cloud, in this matter) that you can access over the Internet from anywhere. So, your QuickBooks accounting software is available on the cloud, making it feasible to work on your accounting data from different devices and locations rather than being tied to a single computer.

QuickBooks Hosting provides a user with the best of both worlds: the robustness of the desktop version and the accessibility of the online version.

Instead of being confined to a single computer, QuickBooks and its data are hosted on cloud servers, accessible via the Internet. It has numerous benefits that can change how CPAs and their clients manage QuickBooks data from anywhere, anytime.

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Versions Supported for QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks offers a range of versions tailored to different business needs. Selecting the right version is crucial for effective QuickBooks cloud hosting:

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro: Ideal for small businesses with basic accounting needs
  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier: Offers industry-specific versions for advanced needs like inventory management
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise: Designed for larger businesses with complex requirements
  • QuickBooks Desktop Accountant: Geared towards accountants managing multiple clients
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS): Streamlines sales and inventory for retail businesses
  • QuickBooks Desktop for Contractors: Designed for construction and contracting businesses

The versatility of QuickBooks Hosting extends to all versions of QuickBooks Desktop, encompassing QuickBooks Accountant, Pro Plus, Premier Plus, Enterprise, and Point-of-Sale.

Also, as Intuit Authorized QuickBooks hosting provider, Ace Cloud hosts all versions of QuickBooks Desktop, including QuickBooks Accountant, Pro Plus, Premier Plus, Enterprise, and Point-of-Sale. Also, we provide hosting for country-specific editions such as US, Australian, and Canadian, ensuring a seamless experience.

How QuickBooks Hosting Works

QuickBooks hosting simplifies your accounting tasks by leveraging cloud technology.

Here’s how it operates:

  • Server Setup: The hosting provider installs QuickBooks on a cloud server.
  • Data Migration: Then, data is securely migrated to the remote server.
  • Secure Access: Users connect to the server via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) using their preferred devices and browsers.
  • Real-Time Access: QuickBooks can be accessed seamlessly from anywhere with an internet connection, providing real-time updates and collaboration.
  • User Management: Hosting providers set up user accounts and permissions, ensuring data security and access control.
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Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting for Businesses

Enhanced Accessibility, Anywhere, Anytime

Gone are the days when accounting data in QuickBooks Software was confined within office walls. With QuickBooks hosted on the cloud, you can access your QuickBooks files in real-time from anywhere, whether you’re in the office, traveling for business, or working from home. Cloud-based technology empowers you to use QuickBooks seamlessly and ensures that you’re always in touch with the accountancy pulse of your business.

The capability to access QuickBooks data from anywhere, at any time, represents both the present and future of QuickBooks usage. Cloud-hosted QuickBooks improves overall operational agility by providing the flexibility to access your accountancy data so that you can make informed decisions even when you’re on the go.

Collaborate Seamlessly with Your team and Client

Remote work has completely modernized traditional work structures worldwide, making it the new norm for many organizations. When hosted on a premises server, QuickBooks may not be accessible to remotely located teams. However, when hosted on the cloud, it becomes an enabler of remote accounting and a catalyst for global collaboration. Your team members across different time zones can access and update QuickBooks files simultaneously.

Cloud-hosted QuickBooks not only eradicates the barriers of time and location but also fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose among teams working towards common financial goals. QuickBooks, in its cloud-hosted form, becomes a powerful tool for swift collaboration between teams, enabling them to work together seamlessly and efficiently, irrespective of physical distances.

Unparalleled Data Security and Reliability

Security is the bedrock of the accounting industry, and QuickBooks hosting providers understand this need. QuickBooks hosted on the cloud brings fortresses for your accounting data, employing robust security measures such as advanced encryption, multi-factor authentication, and constant monitoring. Additionally, automatic backups are your safety net, ensuring your data is always recoverable. With this level of data security and reliability, you can focus on what truly matters – your accounting strategies and goals.

Seamless Scalability to Grow with You

Scalability is a crucial factor for businesses experiencing growth. QuickBooks on the cloud offers seamless scalability, ensuring that the chosen financial management solution can effortlessly scale alongside your business operations. With just a few clicks, you can adjust the cloud resources to match your evolving needs. Whether you’re doubling the transaction volume during a peak season or accommodating new team members, the cloud infrastructure can be scaled easily without the need for additional hardware or complex configurations.

QuickBooks on the cloud offers round-the-clock software access, swift collaboration between teams, and seamless scalability for growing businesses. With the flexibility and agility provided by cloud technology, QuickBooks hosting can transform how you manage your accountancy, helping you stay ahead of the game and achieve your business goals.

Hosted QuickBooks Desktop vs. Local QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks desktop is a reliable companion for businesses. However, as the world shifts towards digital transformation, it has become apparent that the local QuickBooks software version has its limitations. Accessibility, collaboration, and security challenges have left businesses seeking a more efficient solution.

QuickBooks hosting is a practical option, offering the convenience of cloud-based accessibility. It brings all the benefits of QuickBooks local desktop while addressing its shortcomings of providing secure, anytime access, fostering collaboration among team members, and ensuring data security.

Key FeaturesQuickBooks HostingLocal Desktop QuickBooks
User ManagementCentralized user managementLocal user setup is required
AccessibilityWeb and Remote DesktopLocal Installation
CollaborationReal-time collaborationFile sharing for collaboration
Data SecurityAdvanced encryption, multi-factor authenticationLocal security measures
Cost StructurePay-as-you-goOne-time purchase with potential ongoing costs
ScalabilityEasily scalable resourcesLimited scalability
MaintenanceProvider-managed updates and backupsSelf-maintenance required
Data ControlData hosted in the cloud with controlData stored on a local device with control
AccessibilityAccessible from anywhereAccessible locally
Customization OptionsExtensive customizationLimited customization

Here are some examples of how QuickBooks Hosting addresses the limitations of Local QuickBooks desktop software:

Accessibility Beyond Boundaries

QuickBooks local software ties you to a specific device or location, limiting your access to financial data. Hosting liberates you, enabling you to access QuickBooks from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Seamless Collaboration

QuickBooks local software often involves file-sharing hassles for collaboration. QuickBooks hosting simplifies teamwork with multiple users accessing and working on the same data simultaneously, fostering real-time communication and shared insights.

Enhanced Security Measures

Local servers may lack the advanced security measures offered by hosting providers. QuickBooks hosting prioritizes data security, employing robust encryption, multi-factor authentication, and automatic backups, ensuring your financial data is safeguarded.


Maintaining on-premises servers can be expensive. QuickBooks hosting eliminates the need for costly IT infrastructure, often at a lower overall cost, making it an economical choice for businesses of all sizes.

Scalability to Match Your Needs

QuickBooks local software can be rigid, often requiring substantial investments to scale. Hosting is flexible, allowing you to scale resources up or down as required. Pay only for the resources you use, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Is QuickBooks Hosting the same as QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Desktop Hosting combines the familiar desktop version’s robust features with the advantages of cloud accessibility, data control, and collaboration. The classic desktop interface remains unchanged, offering a seamless continuation of their established workflow, accessible from anywhere at any time. Moreover, QuickBooks Hosting goes beyond maintaining the traditional interface by providing remote access with a stable network connection, freeing users from the confines of their physical workstations.

On the other hand, QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting solution known for its universal accessibility, seamless collaboration, and automatic updates and backups. While offering remote accessibility and collaboration benefits, it might pose a transition challenge for accountants accustomed to the desktop version.

Here is how QuickBooks Desktop Hosting offers a superior experience for those who want to retain the familiarity of the desktop version:

Desktop Version Feature Parity

QuickBooks Desktop Hosting retains all the features and functionalities of the desktop version. You get the same robust capabilities, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on functionality.

Data Control and Security

With hosting, your data resides in a secure cloud environment, just like QuickBooks Online. However, you still maintain control over your data, deciding when and how to back it up. This blend of cloud accessibility and data control is ideal for businesses prioritizing security and compliance.


QuickBooks Desktop is known for its high degree of customization, allowing businesses to tailor financial processes to their specific needs. Hosting preserves this customization, giving you the flexibility to adapt the software to your unique requirements.

Seamless Transition

If you’re already accustomed to QuickBooks Desktop, transitioning to a hosted desktop version is often smoother than adapting to an entirely web-based solution like QuickBooks Online. The user interface and workflows remain familiar.

Software Updates and Backups

Hosting providers handle software updates and automatic backups, relieving you of maintenance responsibilities. This ensures your software is always up-to-date and your data is secure.

Technical Support

Hosting providers offer uninterrupted technical support and assistance, so you can receive help with any issues that arise while using the desktop version in a hosted environment.

QuickBooks Desktop Hosting offers an enhanced experience for those who prefer the desktop version’s familiarity, features, and customization while reaping the benefits of cloud accessibility and collaboration. It’s an ideal bridge between traditional desktop accounting and the advantages of modern cloud technology.

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Which QuickBooks Hosting Mode Is Right for Your Business?

QuickBooks hosting can be offered in several modes, each catering to different scenarios:

  • Shared Hosting: Shared hosting involves multiple users or businesses sharing the same server and resources. It is a cost-effective option suitable for small businesses with limited resource demands. However, it may not offer the same level of performance and customization as other modes.
  • Dedicated Hosting: In dedicated hosting, you have exclusive access to a server, ensuring optimal performance and security. It’s ideal for larger businesses or those with high resource requirements. The dedicated hosting mode offers greater control and customization options but comes at a higher cost.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: VPS hosting in USA strikes a balance between shared and dedicated hosting. It provides a virtualized server environment where you have dedicated resources within a shared server. The VPS hosting mode is suitable for businesses that require more control and scalability without the cost of a dedicated server.
  • Managed Hosting: Managed hosting includes services such as maintenance, updates, and security management. It’s an excellent choice for businesses that prefer to outsource the technical aspects of hosting to focus on their core operations.
  • Alternate Hosting: Here, one of the users (primary user) is connected to the hosting server over the Internet. The rest of the users connect with the primary user to access the application on the local network. You must install QuickBooks on all the workstations as well as the host. Similar to dedicated and peer-to-peer hosting modes, the QuickBooks Hosting Mode is enabled on the host and disabled on the workstations.

The choice of the most suitable mode of QuickBooks hosting depends on factors such as the size of your business, resource requirements, budget, technical expertise, and desired level of control. Evaluating your specific needs and goals is essential to make an informed decision on which hosting mode aligns best with your requirements.

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How to Get Started with QuickBooks Hosting

Let’s explore the various hosting modes available for QuickBooks, helping you select the one that aligns best with your business needs and goals.

  1. Selecting Your Hosting Partner: Take the first step by choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider that meets your needs and aligns with your budget.
  2. Tailor-Made Hosting Plans: Once you’ve selected a provider, the next step is to pick the hosting plan that fits your requirements. Find a hosting provider whose plans are designed to fit your unique requirements. Whether you need specific user numbers, storage capacity, or additional features, Ace Cloud can offer you a custom plan that suits your practice perfectly. For a personalized quote, our solution consultants are ready to assist you.
  3. Effortless Data Migration: After that hosting experts will guide you through the data migration process. Ideally, they should ensure your transition to the hosted environment is smooth and trouble-free.
  4. Access from Anywhere, Anytime: With QuickBooks data hosted, accessing QuickBooks becomes incredibly convenient. You can access QuickBooks from any device with an Internet connection using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).
  5. User-Focused Management: The hosting providers take the hassle out of user management by setting up user accounts and permissions. The hosting providers set up user accounts and permissions, ensuring top-notch security for your data.

How to Select a QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Provider?

Almost every leading cloud service provider can offer hosting for QuickBooks Desktop applications. However, considering the idiosyncrasies of the accounting applications, it is better to go with those who command expertise in the field.

Intuit recommends opting for authorized hosting providers authorized by it under certain guidelines. Intuit Authorized Commercial Partners are screened to ensure that user data is safe and delivered services maintain high quality.

Here are some essential factors that one can consider before finalizing the QuickBooks hosting provider for QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Intuit Authorization
  • Security practices & features
  • Data and password storage policies
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Plans & Price
  • Scalability
  • Support Policies
  • Add-ons and plugin compatibility
  • Customer reviews & testimonials
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions

To know more about how to choose a reliable QuickBooks hosting provider, read our blog: Why Choose Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider For QuickBooks.

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Opting for Ace Cloud as Your Reliable QuickBooks Hosting Provider

Now that you’ve gained insight into QuickBooks Hosting in the cloud and have learned how to make an informed choice when selecting a cloud hosting partner, it’s time to consider migrating your QuickBooks Desktop to the cloud with Ace Cloud.

Ace Cloud is a reputable name in the industry, boasting over 14 years of expertise and offering an array of cloud-based solutions that aim to revolutionize the way businesses operate and thrive. Their exceptional track record is a testament to their excellence as an Award-Winning Application Hosting Provider. Trusted by accountants, CPAs, and businesses worldwide, Ace Cloud has garnered prestigious accolades, including the esteemed “Best Outsourced Technology Provider” award from the CPA Practice Advisors Readers’ Choice Awards for two consecutive years.

Ace Cloud’s pricing plans are thoughtfully tailored to align with your strategic objectives. They have forged partnerships with cutting-edge data centers fortified by SSAE-16 Type-II (SOC-2) certification and PCI DSS compliance, ensuring an impressive 99.99% uptime.

How to Access QuickBooks in Our Cloud Environment?

You can gain access to the QuickBooks hosting environment by moving the desktop-based QuickBooks software and data to our cloud servers. Our experts configure a virtualized environment for your data on our servers, including the operating system and necessary resources to run QuickBooks effectively.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how you can access QuickBooks on the cloud:

  • Licensed copies of QuickBooks are installed on our cloud server.
  • From the cloud environment to the hosted environment, our experts assist you in migrating the data securely to the remote server. This may involve transferring QuickBooks company files, transaction histories, and related data.
  • The QuickBooks user is provided access to the server over the Internet with specific configurations
  • Proper security steps are deployed to secure the application
remote desktop connection
  • Connectivity between the end-user device and the server is accomplished using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) that can be configured to log in as the desired user.
open or restore company
  • The user can access and work on QuickBooks via a web browser (like Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.) or RDP shortcut. The rest of the UI, features, and other functionalities remain the same as QB Desktop.

Simply, Ace Cloud creates a secure and efficient environment that allows clients to access QuickBooks and their financial data remotely via the Internet. Our team handles all the technical aspects, security, maintenance, and support required to ensure the smooth operation of QuickBooks in the cloud, allowing clients to focus on their financial tasks without the burden of managing IT infrastructure.

The Bottom Line

QuickBooks hosting on the cloud isn’t just a software solution; it’s a catalyst for efficiency, security, and growth. It’s a technology that offers the best of both worlds – the familiarity of the QuickBooks desktop version and the power of the cloud. It’s your trusted partner in transforming how you manage your accounting tasks in QuickBooks. It takes the robustness of the desktop version and marries it with the accessibility of the cloud.

QuickBooks cloud hosting is the modern CPA’s best friend. It untethers the CPAs and accountants from the office desk, fortifies the data fortress, cuts IT costs, turbocharges collaboration, and lets the business grow with the clients.

Experience the advantages of hosting QuickBooks desktop on the cloud with Ace Cloud firsthand by taking advantage of their FREE 7-day trial. It’s your opportunity to witness how Ace Cloud can contribute to the growth and success of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions about QuickBooks Hosting

Can I store a local backup copy of the data files on my desktop?

Yes, you can easily save a backup copy of your QB data files on your desktop. However, saving a local copy of the file and editing it may cause an inconsistency with those located on a central remote server.

Do I need to set up my own network to use QuickBooks on the cloud?

The Internet is the only network you’ll need.

Can I try QuickBooks Hosting for free?

With Ace Cloud’s QuickBooks cloud hosting, you can get a 7-day free trial without any obligation.

How is QuickBooks Online different from QuickBooks Hosting?

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based SaaS application from Intuit. It is different from QuickBooks Desktop in terms of features, UI, and other functionalities. Since QuickBooks hosting is basically the QuickBooks desktop software hosted on cloud servers while maintaining the same functionalities as QB Desktop on the cloud, it is a different product from QuickBooks Online.

For more information on the differences between QuickBooks Hosting and QuickBooks Online, please visit our blog here.

How do my Microsoft Excel and Other Office software work with QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting?

Microsoft Excel and other office software integration with QuickBooks on the cloud remains like that of the desktop solution. Export and import of data from one application to another follow a similar practice on the cloud. The user can even opt for hosting office applications to leverage the benefits of the cloud.

Can I run third-party applications as well as add-ons with Hosted QuickBooks?

Third-party applications are external software solutions, while add-ons are extensions often developed by Intuit or certified partners. Both are easily integrated with Hosted QuickBooks due to the cloud-based server’s flexibility, enhancing your productivity and accounting capabilities. We offer 200+ add-ons to be integrated with your QuickBooks to enhance functionality.


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