9 Security Threats You Should Be Aware Of

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    Do you know that every 39 seconds, hackers attack the computer system that is connected with an internet connection which accounts for up 2,244 times a day?

    Data is the backbone of any business. Any loss or threat to business information can cause it to come to a standstill.

    Ever-increasing security breaches can compromise with integrity, confidentiality, and availability of business data. In order to tackle this situation, it is crucial to learn about potential security attacks. Staying aware of these threats can help businesses understand the situation so that one can prevent it at the right time.

    These threats can be caused due to three major factors, namely:

    • Environmental
    • Technological
    • Human-based

    Furthermore, these attacks can be malicious as well as accidental, which may lead to the destruction, corruption, or illegal disclosure of information by an unauthorized user. This e-book offers a detailed list of the possible threats and precautions you must take to avoid these attacks.

    The content of the e-book comprises of the following:

    1. Introduction
    2. Environmental
    3. Technological
    4. Human-factor
      1. Malware attack
      2. Phishing attack
      3. Drive-by attack
      4. Password attack
      5. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
      6. Cryptojacking attack
      7. Man in the Middle
    5. Wrapping Up
    6. About Ace Cloud Hosting
    7. References

    The e-book majorly aims at the vulnerability of data due to various threats and cyber-attacks. It also covers the effective measures one must take to safeguard data from such attacks.

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