Best Inventory Software Integrations for QuickBooks

Are you tired of manually tracking your inventory and reconciling it with your QuickBooks account?

Look no further, as we present to you the best inventory software integrations for QuickBooks. The problem of inaccurate inventory management and time-consuming reconciliations can now be solved with these integrations.

Our promise is that with the help of these software solutions, you can streamline your inventory management processes and save valuable time and resources.

Say goodbye to the frustration of manual inventory tracking and let these integrations do the heavy lifting for you. Get ready to revolutionize your business with the best inventory software integrations for QuickBooks.

Also, inventory is the backbone of various businesses like manufacturing, retail, etc., and must be well-maintained and managed adequately for effective use of your resources, something you cannot accomplish alone with QuickBooks. Thus, it requires third-party integrations or add-ons for better inventory control.

By using these integrations, you can avail various other powerful, specific, and resourceful functionalities.

Benefits of using Inventory Software Integrations for QuickBooks

Here are some benefits of using inventory software integrations for QuickBooks:

  • Streamlined Inventory Management: By integrating inventory software with QuickBooks, you can streamline the process of inventory management. This integration automates the data entry process, reduces manual errors, and improves the accuracy of inventory data.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Inventory software integrations provide real-time tracking of inventory levels, allowing you to have an accurate and up-to-date view of your inventory at all times. This information is crucial for making informed business decisions and ensuring that you have enough stock to meet customer demands.
  • Improved Efficiency: By automating inventory management tasks, such as stock level monitoring and order fulfillment, inventory software integrations can help you save time and improve efficiency. This increased efficiency can lead to cost savings and higher productivity.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Inventory software integrations can generate detailed reports on inventory levels, sales, and purchasing trends. These reports can provide valuable insights into your business operations, helping you identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: By having accurate and up-to-date inventory data, you can fulfill orders more quickly and accurately. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How to Choose the Best Inventory Software Integration for Your Business

Here are some basic factors for choosing the Best Inventory Software Integration

a. Assess Your Business Needs

b. Evaluate Features and Capabilities

c. Consider Integration Compatibility and Ease of Use

d. Look for Reviews and Feedback

Best Inventory Software Integration

Here is a list of the best inventory software for QuickBooks:

1. Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is a feature-rich inventory management software that seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks and offers various in-built robust functionalities. It is primarily developed for small businesses with a simplistic and easy-to-use user interface like all Zoho products. Although it can be scaled up for mid-large companies, it comes with a limited number of inventory options like item numbers, invoices, bills, etc., which may restrict your user experience.

With Zoho Inventory, you can kit items together, scan barcodes, order items automatically by pre-setting inventory levels, process returns, generate invoices, create customized reports, manage multiple warehouses, manage drop shipping, streamline order deliveries, and even ship internationally.

2. Cin7 Inventory

Cin7 is a premium inventory management software specially developed for mid-large businesses with advanced and wide-scale inventory options. It can only integrate with QuickBooks Enterprise and offers some unique inventory options like “open to sell”—a feature that lets you sell stocks in transit.

Although having a complex user interface, Cin7 offers a free 10-day trial to understand its tools and feature-set. It is a cloud-based inventory management system, with which you can manage backorders, handle up to 50,000 SKUs, print labels, track inventory cost using FIFO, create customized inventory reports, pre-set inventory levels for automatic ordering, track items using batch/serial numbers, and easily manage multiple warehouses.

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3. Acctivate Inventory

Acctivate smoothly integrates with QuickBooks and offers a wide range of inventory management tools. It has a unique “Catch Weight Management” feature that offers you support for those products whose prices vary with their weight.

With Acctivate, you can transfer stocks between multiple warehouses, view inventory history, track items through their serial/lot numbers, have a real-time inventory view, process multi-channel orders, manage backorders, view product expiration dates, and forecast inventory by pre-setting items level. Also, with Acctivate, you can print SKU/UPCs, forecast sales, scan barcodes, manage your vendors, track inventory costs, and even create customized inventory reports.

4. AdvancePro

AdvancePro offers tremendous inventory management features and gets readily integrated with QuickBooks. AdvancePro offers a cloud-based inventory service that lets you have a real-time inventory view and update your product availability simultaneously with every sale.

With AdvancePro, you can manage inventory across multiple locations, track item lot/serial number, estimate inventory costs using methods like FIFO, generate customized inventory reports, print labels, do multi-channel sales management, manage vendors, track expiration dates, and even view ETA for backorders.

Also, it has a barcode feature that lets you print and scan barcodes.

5. Fishbowl Inventory

Probably one of the best inventory software for QuickBooks, Fishbowl Inventory is a quality-backed inventory management software. It gets readily integrated with QuickBooks and smoothens your inventory management.

With Fishbowl, you can create customized inventory reports and gather key sales data. It offers an automatic pre-ordering item feature, which automatically generates purchase orders once the item number falls below pre-set inventory levels. Also, it streamlines different processes like picking, packing, and shipping to optimize your supply chain operations.

You can even print barcodes and scan them to manage your inventory levels and print your shipping labels using Fishbowl.

6. MISys Manufacturing

One of the best inventory software for QuickBooks, MISys Manufacturing is a versatile inventory management application.

With MISys, you can maintain detailed inventory data, attach notes/pictures for any item, sort vendors for any particular item, track inventory at multiple locations, manage work orders, customize bill of materials, transfer stocks between different warehouses, track inventory cost using different methods like standard, average, recent, FIFO, LIFO, view item history, and print barcodes. Also, MISys empowers you to create customized inventory reports and have mobile alerts.


Inventory management software that integrates with QuickBooks helps businesses decrease labor costs, automate purchase orders, track inventory, generate customized reports, and the like.

The options mentioned above will help you determine which software suits your business needs.

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Q. What is inventory management software?

Inventory management software is a tool that helps businesses keep track of their inventory levels, orders, sales, and shipments. It enables businesses to manage their inventory more efficiently and accurately.

Q. Why do I need inventory management software?

Inventory management software can help you streamline your business processes, reduce inventory costs, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. It can also help you avoid stockouts and overstocking, which can result in lost sales and reduced profitability.

Q. What are the benefits of integrating inventory software with QuickBooks?

Integrating inventory software with QuickBooks can help you save time, reduce errors, and improve accuracy. It can also help you manage your finances more effectively by providing real-time inventory and accounting data.

Q. Can I customize the integration between QuickBooks and inventory software?

Yes, most inventory software integrations with QuickBooks offer customization options that allow you to tailor the integration to your specific business needs.

Q. Do I need technical expertise to integrate inventory software with QuickBooks?

Most inventory software integrations with QuickBooks are designed to be user-friendly and require little to no technical expertise.

Q. What is the cost of integrating inventory software with QuickBooks?

The cost of integrating inventory software with QuickBooks can vary depending on the software you choose and the level of customization you require.

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