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Shopify by Connex for QuickBooks

Connect QuickBooks with Shopify

Accounting Professionals Retail Accounts Receivable Inventory Management Point Of Sale Solution

Use Connex to automatically sync your Shopify data with QuickBooks and eliminate manual data entry. Experience a new way to manage your orders, customers, and shipping details. It’s easy to integrate, and there’s zero coding required.


Basic - $588/year

Growth - $828/year

Pro - $1188/year

Super - $2388/year


QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Online), Xero, Salesforce

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Features And Benefits

Automatic Data Sync

Say goodbye to manual data entry by importing all your Shopify data to QuickBooks and automatically sync all your sales, order, and inventory data.

Add Rules

Control how payment methods, products, orders, and customers map to QuickBooks. Add custom rules to manage such mappings.

Get Top-Notch Support

Get world-class US-based customer support from assistants who are always ready to offer their guidance and counter every situation you encounter.

Simple Taxes

Calculation of tax is now easier with the integration of QuickBooks and Shopify. Add mapping of multiple cities and states, where you wish to charge sales tax.

Sync Invoices and Sales Orders

Create invoices and sales orders in QuickBooks and ship it through. Sync the same information into your Shopify account without any hassle, reducing the chances of any human error.

Get Free Automatic Updates

Get new features, better interfaces, or new functionalities, at no extra cost. Stay on top of your process without worrying about updates; you’ll get them automatically.

Host With Ace Cloud Hosting For More Benefits

Integrating QuickBooks and Shopify with Connex allows users to sync all their sales and inventory data in a smooth manner. But why stop there? Host your accounting solution on our cloud servers. You can then scale it according to your needs and secure your operations. We’ll take care of everything from setup to final installation. We offer always-on support so that the users can call us anytime when they face any technical issues.

99.999% Uptime

10-Day Free Trial

45-Day Rolling Backup

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Top-Notch Data Security

Flexible Pricing Options

Chat With A Solutions Consultant

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