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    OfficeTools Workspace is a time and billing solution for accountants that allows you to automate billing processes, track due dates, manage tax workflows, and more. By integrating it with the applications that you use the most, you’ll be able to manage everything from one screen.


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    QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Lacerte, and MS Exchange


    Features And Benefits

    Simplified Tracking

    OfficeTools Workspace helps you keep track of everything from a single desktop application. It offers features, such as due date monitoring, reminders, detailed reporting, and activity lists.

    Consolidate Databases

    Seamlessly share data between two software and eliminate duplicate data entry. Integrate QuickBooks Online and OfficeTools Cloud to auto-sync contacts, export time cards, invoices, and payments.

    Go Paperless

    The OfficeTools client portal allows you to send and receive documents in a secure way. It offers payment processing, online time tracking, e-Signature processing, online scheduling, and questionnaires.

    Remote Accessibility

    The OfficeTools mobile application allows you to track time, view the project status, log phone calls, and more. Hence, allowing you to collaborate with your team from anywhere, at any time, and from any browser.

    Faster Payment Processing

    Abacus Payments Exchange (APX) is a payment processor built for OfficeTools. It allows you to process credit card payments, e-checks, and ACH transactions online within a secure environment.

    Integrated eSignature

    OfficeTools offers a fully-integrated eSignature tool that combines your workflow and document processing. IRS compliant and secure, the digital signature solution allows you to send documents to your clients directly.

    Host With Ace Cloud For More Benefits

    OfficeTools Workspace is a time and billing software that helps accountants manage workflows and track projects. Integrating your tax or accounting software with OfficeTools will allow you to keep both systems updated and eliminate double-entry data.

    Moreover, hosting your accounting or tax software on the cloud and syncing it with the OfficeTools can simplify your business workflow. Ace Cloud Hosting offers additional features like:

    • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
    • Always-on Support
    • 45-Day Rolling Backup
    • HPC Cloud Servers
    • Flexible Pricing Plans
    • Multi-level Security