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Magento by Connex For QuickBooks

QuickBooks Sales And Inventory Management Solution

Accounting Professionals Accounts Receivable Inventory Management Retail

Magento by Connex automates inventory, accounting, and order management from all the sales channels. It is a one-stop sales management solution that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks software.


Starter – $49/month

Growth – $69/month

Pro – $99/month

Super - $199/month


QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise)

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Features And Benefits

Automatic Inventory Management

Achieve higher customer satisfaction by having full control over the inventory. Solve problems like oversells, flow tracking, and missing items.

Free and Automatic Upgrades

Get enhanced features and new functionalities of the Magento by Connex automatically without any extra cost. Stay on top of technology verticals without worrying.

Easy To Set Up And Customize

It is a cloud-based and simple-to-use app with highly customizable and endless use cases. Sync all the data and create reports in QuickBooks.

One App Multiple Channels

Sync all the business data from eBay, Amazon, ShipStation, Shopify, and other providers under a single app. Eliminate data errors and streamline operations.

Top Class Support

Get top class assistance from the US-based customer support team. Run your business smoothly and receive the answer to questions and help in every situation.

Easy Tax Management

Map codes by city, country, state, or country and automatically track taxes for all the operations in the business with an extra layer of security.

Magento By Connex and QuickBooks On Cloud

Magento by Connex is a cloud-based solution for all sales channels designed for QuickBooks. Hence, to obtain a complete cloud solution, you can also host your QuickBooks Desktop software on the cloud, resulting in enhanced data management. Ace Cloud Hosting offers a flexible cloud environment for easy access of Magento by Connex and QuickBooks.

99.999% Uptime

Always-on Support

Business Continuity

High Performance Computing Servers

45-day Backup

10-day Free Trial

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