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    LivePlan is an all-in-one business planning software that offers tools and features to create strategies, predict finances, and research competitors. Integrate with QuickBooks to track financial performance for making data-driven decisions.


    Pay-as-you-go: $20/month

    6-month bundle: $15/month

    Annual bundle: $12/month


    QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Online) and Xero


    Features And Benefits

    Simplify Business Planning

    LivePlan publishes your pitch on a one-page summary that defines your strategy in a fast, simple, and effective documented way.

    Access Expert Guidance

    Get step-by-step instructions that include the definition of key terms and video tutorials for each section that can be accessed as per your requirements.

    Track Expenses

    Monitor financial performance in real-time through a centralized dashboard that provides necessary reports in an easy-to-understand format.

    Use Sample Plans

    Start working with 500+ sample business plans that contain built-in examples for creating executive summaries, financial predictions, and planning marketing activities.

    Automate Finances

    Create a budget for your business and automate the financial forecasting for every season as LivePlan generates relevant charts and graphs for each plan.

    Integrate QuickBooks

    Synchronize and import data directly from your QuickBooks accounting software into LivePlan to automate the task of data entry and generate financial projections.

    Seamlessly Integrate LivePlan With QuickBooks On The Cloud Environment

    Move your QuickBooks application to the cloud and integrate with LivePlan for uninterrupted business operations. It further reduces the chances of errors by automating the finance-related tasks and predictions.

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