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    Lacerte 1040 Tax Planner Analyzer
    Lacerte 1040 Tax Planner and Analyzer is a powerful tool by Intuit that is known to improve the productivity of its users. It is a bundle of two tools combined into one that focuses on providing tax planning and financial advice.


    One-time Purchase: $264


    Lacerte Software and QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Online)

    Features And Benefits

    Access Custom Tax Planning

    Lacerte 1040 Tax Planner and Analyzer provides four types of tailored plans for customers depending upon the present rates and tax scenario.

    Compare Tax Scenarios

    With the Tax Planner and Analyzer tool, you can get client data by easily comparing multiple and complex tax scenarios as per the present and future tax rates.

    Create Charts

    Lacerte 1040 Tax Planner and Analyzer enables you to present tax plans by generating custom graphs, reports, and letters that can be modified as per the requirements.

    Get Tailored Analysis

    Lacerte 1040 Tax Planner and Analyzer offers in-depth analysis and synopsis to minimize the tax liabilities as well as reduce the chances of triggering an audit.

    Track Information Source

    With the features offered by the Lacerte Tax Analyzer, you can track down the source of any information through the hyperlinks, publications, or other resources.

    Run Diagnostic Tests

    Lacerte 1040 Tax Planner and Analyzer runs diagnostic tests to find any errors in the documents before finalizing and ‘red flags’ in case of missing or incorrect data.

    Lacerte 1040 Tax Planner And Analyzer Integration On The Cloud For A Streamlined Workflow

    Lacerte 1040 Tax Planner and Analyzer is stand-alone software that can integrate with most of the renowned accounting and tax software like QuickBooks and Lacerte.

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