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    GruntWorx is a secure, web-based application that automates and organizes data into the leading tax software. You can maximize your business efficiency using GruntWorx for paperless tax workflow, saving both time and money.


    Charged on a per-page, per-form, and per-trade basis.


    Intuit Lacerte, CCH Axcess, CCH ProSystemFX, UltraTax CX, Drake Software, GoSystem Tax RS


    Features And Benefits

    Saves Time

    Go paperless with GruntWorx Organize by converting all the tax papers/data into electronic files. Reduce the turnaround time and process documents within minutes.

    Error-free Data

    Optimize the quality of tax documents by processing them with advanced technologies like pattern recognition. It helps the documents meet a high level of accuracy.

    Organize Data

    GruntWorx helps you organize returns in a single bookmarked, indexed, and searchable PDF. So, you don’t have to arrange your client’s tax papers every now and then.

    Sync with Tax Software

    GruntWorx Populate helps you extract the client’s tax documents accurately and insert them into the tax software. It saves time so you can focus on more important tasks.


    With high-end technology, encryption, and authentication protocols, the clients’ data always remains safe. GruntWorx ensures the highest levels of security.

    Easy Access

    GruntWorx products can be easily accessed on a PC with a secure internet connection and scanner. It doesn’t require any additional equipment or software.

    Host With Ace Cloud For More Benefits

    GruntWorx is a web-based application that allows tax preparers to streamline their workflow by organizing and bookmarking their tax return data automatically. Integrating your tax software and GruntWorx eliminates data entry and saves time. However, by hosting your tax software on cloud and syncing it with a web-based application, you can eliminate the most tedious parts of your office workflow.

    Ace Cloud’s cloud platform offers benefits like:

    • 99.99% Uptime
    • Always-on Support
    • 45-Days Rolling Backup
    • High-Performance Cloud
    • Flexible Pricing Plans
    • Enterprise-Grade Security