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DocuSign is an electronic signature application that helps businesses to get documents signed and approved by the people of the organization. It not only speeds up the workflow and approval of documents across the organization but also makes sure that the digital signature technology is fully secured.


Personal - $10/month

Standard - $40/user/month

Business Pro - $60/user/month


QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, enterprise), Xero, Lacerte, ProSeries

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Features And Benefits

Supports Substantial Files

DocuSign supports almost any types of file type. Moreover it is a feature to make the file type compatible and widely accessible.

Advanced Security Features

DocuSign safeguards all the documents by end-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication to be prevent sign forging.

Systematic Work Flow

DocuSign maintains a systematic flow and order to take signs from team members. Admin has full control over every step of the signing process.

Real- Time Reports

The real time reporting makes it easy for the management to know which document is at which point of the process and who is signing it.

User Access Control

DocuSign gives the administration the full control define the user’s access to the documents and set policies on document custody and retention.

AI-driven Analytics

DocuSign uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect and tag different documents for signature, dates and other tasks.

DocuSign and QuickBooks On Cloud Environment

Integrate DocuSign with QuickBooks desktop to approve, manage, and sign documents while saving the amount of paper used. DocuSign is a cloud-based application organization can access it anytime and anywhere. Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud will automate all the approval of accounting documents and will even make sure that the accounting data is safe on the cloud. Moreover, people can use both DocuSign and QuickBooks from the device of their choice. Hosting QuickBooks on cloud offers benefits like –

99.999% Uptime

Always-on Support

Business Continuity

Enterprise-level Security

45-day Backup

10-day Free Trial

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