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    CCH IntelliConnect by Wolters Kluwer is a one-stop solution for all your tax and accounting questions. It has a wealth of documents that will answer simple as well as complex tax questions. Other benefits include a user-friendly interface and seamless navigation.


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    CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax, CCH Axcess™ Document


    Features And Benefits

    Faster Results

    Speed up your search for tax questions with the Income Tax Act Interpreter and gain access to cross-references selected by the experts.

    CCH IntelliConnect® Search Engine

    The CCH IntelliConnect® Search Engine offers precise results in real-time. This will help you work smarter by seamlessly delivering and processing the desired results.

    Better Collaboration

    CCH IntelliConnect enables better collaboration among teammates. You can highlight a section, add comments, work on a project simultaneously with your team, and more.

    Split-Screen View

    Save time by previewing any document with the help of a split-screen. The feature opens a small preview of the document at the bottom of the screen for you to walk through it.

    Specialty in Multiple Subject Areas

    CCH IntelliConnect offers information in multiple subject areas such as Federal Tax, Provisional Tax, GST, International Tax, Tax Preparation, and more.

    Broad Range of Expertise

    With CCH IntelliConnect, you have the freedom to choose and opt for what you need. You have the flexibility to choose from a range of packages and pay only for what you choose.

    Host On Ace Cloud Hosting’s Servers For More Benefits

    CCH IntelliConnect is a cloud-based tax information solution that offers expertise and insights into multiple subject areas and domains. It saves time, increases productivity, and helps the employees work smarter.

    You can choose to host other tax and accounting applications on Ace Cloud Hosting’s cloud platform to get an end-end business solution. Other additional benefits include:

    • High-Performance Computing Servers
    • Always-on Support
    • Disaster Recovery
    • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
    • 45-Days Rolling Backup
    • 10-Day Free Trial