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    CCH AnswerConnect is an answer-oriented tax information tool and was built keeping in mind the needs of tax practitioners and corporate professionals. The aim is to deliver quality tax information in an organized manner.


    AnswerConnect Prime 2020 – $199.00

    AnswerConnect Essentials 2020 – $500.00


    ATX Tax Software and CCH Axcess™️ Tax


    Features And Benefits

    360° View

    Understand a topic and dive deep into the details with the 360° View. Get everything you need in a single place – IRS Publications, Client Letters, Primary Sources, and more.

    Built for Your Success

    AnswerConnect is built to minimize the pain points of tax professionals – the content was rewritten by experts and integrated within the software.

    CCH® SmartCharts

    Use SmartCharts to search among hundreds of tax topics like federal tax, state tax, legal tax, and the like, and compare the results.

    Topic Pages

    Access topic pages to bring together all the information on a topic, including highlights, analysis, and legislation on a single easy-to-read page.

    Save Time

    Minimize your searches and save time in the process as you get all the relevant information for multiple tax laws at a commonplace.

    Client Impact

    Use the Client Impact feature and improve the quality of your service. This feature alerts you of the latest tax developments and offers necessary insights.

    Host With Ace Cloud Hosting For Additional Benefits

    CCH AnswerConnect is a modern cloud-based way to search for any tax-related information, know the latest advancements, and access all the information at the same place. It reduces time, improves efficiency, and enhances the client experience.

    You can also host all your favorite accounting and tax applications on Ace Cloud Hosting’s servers for more benefits like:

    • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
    • Always-on Support
    • Disaster Recovery
    • High-Performance Computing Servers
    • 45-Days Rolling Backup
    • 10-day Free Trial