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Builder Prime is a specialized CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool designed primarily for home improvement professionals and contractors that offers interactive features to manage leads, automate the sales process, and much more.


$149 per month


QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Online)

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Features And Benefits

Save Time

Builder Prime comes with features that save time, including faster contract signing using integrated eSignatures, payments, job scheduling, customer response, etc.

Earn More

In every contracting business, time is money. Save time with Builder Prime - earn more by doing more jobs, better customer service, and get paid instantly.

Get More Jobs

The cloud-based infrastructure keeps everyone in your team on the same page. This way, you’ll be able to deliver better services, secure referrals, and win more jobs.

Customer Relationship Management

Deal with your leads better and understand which methods work for your business. The solution is designed, keeping in mind how contractors should interact with their customers.

Track Your Leads

Your sales team needs to follow-up on potential customers regularly. Builder Prime simplifies the same by classifying leads into different buckets and track their status.

Better Customer Service

Builder Prime delivers all the relevant information like meetings, emails, to-do lists, at a single dashboard for better customer assistance.

Builder Prime Cloud Hosting With QuickBooks

Builder Prime is a cloud-based solution built, especially for contractors. It comes with features that you would not find in a typical CRM. However, hosting both the solutions on the same cloud server can boost their capabilities. With Ace Cloud Hosting’s services, integrate these software applications without worrying about the hardware. Manage your clients and accounts from any place, anytime.

99.999% Uptime

Always-on Support

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Enterprise-grade Security

100-day Backup

10-day Free Trial

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