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Looking back at 2020, we can say that it has been a year full of challenges and perseverance for businesses around the world. One of the things to help us get through has been technology.

We, at Ace Cloud Hosting, aim to offer best-in-class services to our customers round-the-clock. We work towards providing solutions that help to keep up the efficiency and maintain business continuity even in the face of the pandemic.

Ace Cloud Hosting experts have also been consistently creating content and providing resources to keep up with the trends and news. It includes blogs, ebooks, infographics, press releases, and more.

Here is the summary of the top 2020 content by Ace Cloud Hosting.

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Popular Blogs On Website

Our wide range of blogs is constantly updated to bring in the latest updates and know-how on different topics. Some of the articles that caught the eye of our visitors include:

1. Category: Accounting

Under this category, blogs focus on the life of accounting and tax professionals, the latest updates in the accounting industry, and more.

Top 5 Challenges Accountants and CPAs Face (with Solutions)

Accounting professionals face various challenges in their day to day lives, such as security concerns, staying updated with reforms, improving customer satisfaction, and more.

Top 5 Challenges Accountants and CPAs Face

This blog identifies some of these significant issues and provides tips and solutions to overcome them.

To know more, click here.

8 Best Movies Every Accountant Must Watch In 2020

Accountants are often under pressure of financial tasks and deadlines. In order to release this stress, it is crucial to take regular breaks and engage in some recreational activities.

Here is the list of movies that every accountant must watch for rejuvenating as well as learning purposes.

Check out the list to know more.

The Ultimate List and Comparison of Best Tax Software Solutions

Tax Software has eased the tasks for professionals working in the financial sectors. However, there are many software solutions in the market, and choosing the right one can be challenging.

Check out the list of best tax software solutions and their comparison for better insights here.

2. Category: QuickBooks

As an Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Hosting provider, experts at Ace Cloud Hosting understand the best possible QuickBooks solution for your needs. Here are some top blogs on the topic:

QuickBooks Desktop 2021: What To Expect In This Version

Intuit has launched the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop with enhanced features and capabilities.

QuickBooks Desktop 2021: What To Expect In This Version

See the summary of all that you get from QuickBooks Desktop 2021 here.

QuickBooks And Intuit Statistics Every Accountant Should Know

The adoption rate of QuickBooks and Intuit is growing at a phenomenal rate. This article consists of various statistics comprising the growth rate, user likeability, and the number of subscribers.

Check out to know more.

QuickBooks Pro 2020 vs. 2019 vs. 2018: What’s The Difference?

QuickBooks Pro is robust accounting software for small businesses. Every year Intuit launches its latest version of this product.

QuickBooks Pro 2020 vs. 2019 vs. 2018: What’s The Difference?

Check out the comparison of three different versions of QuickBooks Pro.

3. Category: Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has eased the task by providing anytime, anywhere access, multi-user accessibility, and scalable resources.

Here are some of the top cloud technology blogs of 2020:

How Cloud Computing Enables Remote Working For Small Businesses

The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted small businesses around the world. Remote working has become the new norm for them in this epidemic. Therefore, cloud computing is now a crucial part of SMB’s working process.

How Cloud Computing Enables Remote Working For Small Businesses

This blog provides detail explaining how. Read to know more.

4 Ways To Implement Green Computing In A Business

Businesses around the globe have been major contributors to carbon emissions and power consumption. It’s time to take a step towards sustainable development with green computing.

Check out the ways to implement it in a business here.

4. Category: VDI and DaaS

Desktop virtualization has been one of the best alternatives to physical desktops, especially during the time businesses have to opt for the remote working scenario.

These blogs give an overview of this technological solution:

Tax Season 2020: Why Tax Preparers Should Move to Hosted Desktops

The tax season is one of the busiest and stressful times for accounting and tax professionals.

Tax Season 2020: Why Tax Preparers Should Move to Hosted Desktops

Click here to know how adopting hosted desktops ensures better productivity and efficiency during the tax filing processes.

Top 14 Stats About DaaS and VDI You Should Know

Desktop virtualization has been a game-changer in the year 2020. There was a significant impact on its adoption rate and other market trends. This blog summarizes all the DaaS and VDI stats that you should know to understand the technology better.

Check out the figures here.

Hosted VDI Overcomes the Challenges of Traditional VDI

Traditional VDI setup requires a large amount of investment in terms of time, money, and efforts. On the other hand, if you opt for the hosted VDI solution, it drastically reduces your operational costs, deployment costs, and maintenance efforts.

Read this blog to learn about the challenges you can overcome with the hosted virtual desktop.

What is Workspace as a Service (WaaS) and How It Works?

Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) is a one-stop solution that helps transform your physical office into a digital workspace. This service enables you to build a virtual infrastructure that offers you the flexibility and mobility benefits for added efficiency.

What is Workspace as a Service (WaaS) and How It Works?

Check out this blog to learn more.

5. Category: Expert Opinion

Ace Cloud Hosting reached out to industry experts to learn about their secrets to success. Here are some expert advice and opinions to stay on top of your game:

What Mike Milan Wants Accounting Industry To Know About Cloud?

Ace Cloud Hosting interviewed Mike Milan, one of the leading financial management instructor for small businesses, to discuss the impact of cloud on the accounting industry.

What Mike Milan Wants Accounting Industry To Know About Cloud?

Check out this blog to read his opinion on the topic and get advice on running an accounting firm.

“How do you see VDI in the coming years?” – Brian Madden Speaks.

VDI is a desktop virtualization solution that allows its end-users to work from any system within the network. To learn more about VDI and its future, we interviewed the industry expert, Brian Madden.

Read this blog to know the answers to the most commonly asked VDI questions here.

Expert Advice on How To Survive Work from Home During COVID-19

The COVID19 outbreak has brought many changes in our lifestyles. Implementation of work-from-home is one of them. During this time, some advice from the experts on surviving the new normal from home can be of great help.

Expert Advice on How To Survive Work from Home During COVID-19

Read on to know more.

5 Experts Share Tools/Techniques They Use to Enhance Their Work from Home Productivity

The work-from-home scenario has led to many changes. Adopting various practices and tools has now become a necessity for business continuity.

Check out what tools and techniques the industry experts use to enhance their productivity and stay ahead of the competition here.

Cloud Adoption Survey Results

ACE conducted a survey to understand the perspective of clients while selecting a cloud service provider. The findings summarize the expectations, best features, concerns, and more from the customer’s perspective.

Check out the full report here.

Webinars by ACE

Webinars are the best way to enhance your skills. Ace Cloud Hosting conducted live webinars so that you can learn from the comfort of your home.

Ace Cloud Hosting Partners with Avalara to Automate Tax Compliance

This webinar addresses complex tax issues and how the partnership between Ace Cloud Hosting and Avalara will help resolve them. It features Matt Hammond (Sr. Sales Manager at Avalara) and Mohit Jain (Sr. Solutions Consultant) at Ace Cloud Hosting.

Check out the complete details here.

How Cloud Can Transform Your Business [Webinar]

Ace Cloud Hosting explains how cloud technology can streamline business processes and increase its efficiency in this webinar. Also, get an insight into what you can expect from a reliable cloud hosting provider in terms of security and business continuity.

Read in detail by clicking here.

You can also watch our upcoming and on-demand webinars here.

Ebooks Published

Our experts publish detailed ebooks on a variety of technical topics regularly. You can download it for free to get a better understanding of technological solutions.

Some of our top picks in the year 2020 have been.

Buyer’s Guide: 6 Things You Should Ask A QuickBooks Hosting Provider

QuickBooks Hosting is a powerful solution that adds functionality to the software by offering anytime, anywhere access, resource scalability, and multi-user collaboration.

However, there are many cloud hosting providers in the market, and choosing one of them becomes difficult.

This ebook offers a guide to select the right QuickBooks Hosting provider depending upon your requirements.

How Can Accounting Firms Manage Remote Working?

The global pandemic, COVID19, has confined everyone to their houses. In this scenario, accounting firms often find it difficult to manage remote working.

Read this ebook to learn the tips to manage the accounting firm while working from remote locations.

In The News

Ace Cloud Hosting has been a part of the news for various reasons. The year 2020 brought us the following:

Review of Ace Cloud Hosting by CPA Practice Advisor

CPA Practice Advisor, a leading print technology media outlet, has given Ace Cloud Hosting a 5-star rating for the year 2020. The review included various factors, such as Intuit Authorized provider, industry-specific solutions, application hosting, VDI solutions, high uptime, and more that helped ACE achieve positive reviews.

Click here to read the detailed article.

Ace Cloud Hosting Wins K2 Quality Award 2020

K2 Enterprises awarded Ace Cloud Hosting with the Nineteenth Annual K2 Quality Award 2020 in the Customer Satisfaction category. It is the second time in a row that ACE became the recipient of one of the most prestigious awards in the accounting industry.

Check out the full story here.

CPA Hosting Offer – What is in it For You?

Ace Cloud Hosting has launched the CPA Hosting Offer for accounting and tax professionals. This scheme allows you to host your favorite application at a nominal price.

The limited-time special offer provides cloud hosting for $50/user/month for the first three months.

Click here to get the offer now.

Final Note

Ace Cloud Hosting brings the latest and in-demand content for its readers regularly.

Which content did you find helpful? Let us know in the comment section below.

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