CPA Hosting Offer – What is in it For You?

Are you in a situation where you do not wish to spend much on IT solutions but still move your CPA business to greater heights?

IT solutions can be expensive (very) when you try to set up everything from scratch, and most CPAs or CPA firms do not have the budget to afford them. There are considerable expenses involved – solution design, IT hardware, setup, data migration, hiring IT personnel, and the like.

Keeping the same in mind, Ace Cloud Hosting has come up with the CPA Hosting Offer. Under this offer, CPAs and accounting firms get a chance to host their favorite applications and accounting data on Ace Cloud Hosting’s cloud server at a nominal price of $50/user/month for the first three months.

CPA Hosting Offer - What is in it For You?

Another added benefit of this offer is that you get to host an unlimited number of applications on Ace Cloud Hosting’s servers without worrying about your storage needs.

This way, you’ll grow your business manifolds and save on the high cost of setting up your IT infrastructure.

If you choose to migrate to Ace Cloud Hosting’s servers, it will open gates for other exciting benefits that we offer.

What ACE Offers in CPA Hosting Offer

1. High-Performance Computing

There has been a rapid demand for increased processing speeds as most systems tend to get slow over time. Derive the desired performance from your accounting applications by using ACH’s high-performance servers and deliver exactly what your customers need.

2. Top-Notch Support

CPAs should not waste their time in tackling IT issues. This deviates their focus from their core tasks and assisting clients. We realize the same and offer round-the-clock IT support for 365 days a year. You can get in touch with our team via call, chat, or email.

3. On-Demand Scaling

There always comes a time when you need to scale your resources according to business demand. For instance, during the final days of the tax season, you need to handle more data and need more cloud storage while the rest of the tax season might not be hectic. Our solutions can be readily customized as per your business needs.

4. Secure Accounting Operations

With the rising number of data breaches globally, every CPA is more concerned about the security of data these days. ACE offers multi-layered advanced data security and ensures that your data is always safe. Data encryption, intrusion detection, and prevention, two-factor authentication, etc. are some examples of the same.

5. Business Continuity

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your data if your system crashes? What if a hurricane damages your office premises? A CPA needs to ensure that such instances do not hamper the services they offer. This calls for the availability of your data round the clock, regardless of the situation.

Ace Cloud Hosting offers business continuity by creating a backup of your data in multiple data centers. If one server is inaccessible or damaged, you will be redirected to another server so that you can offer uninterrupted services.

Final Note

Cloud hosting is one of the best ways for CPAs to manage and automate their business. It gives you an edge over your competitors and opens a new world full of multiple opportunities. The CPA Hosting Offer acts as a catalyst for all these benefits by offering an inexpensive yet powerful solution to CPAs.

Wish to know more about the CPA Hosting Offer? Get in touch with our Solutions Consultant at 1-855-ACE-IT-UP.

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