[Webinar] How Cloud Can Transform Your Business

In this digital age, technological transformation has completely changed how businesses used to function. With the advent of technology, the traditional practices became obsolete, and to respond quickly to the changes became the need of an hour.

To outrank the competition, it is essential to embrace the change. Technology is ahead of everything now, and choosing the right technology for your business is equally important.

[Webinar] How Cloud Can Transform Your Business

One of the most accepted technological changes adopted by modern companies is cloud computing. We must have encountered cloud in our daily lives at least once but are unaware of it. It offers efficiency to businesses of all types- small, large, or medium-sized.

Cloud computing means accessing workloads over the Internet, which are hosted in a data center provided by a service provider. Cloud technology adoption has increased even more during this time of the pandemic. Cloud provides the platform that offers the agility to solve the business challenges and storage of large amounts of data that initially required the purchasing of in-house hardware.

The most common characteristic of cloud computing is resource pooling, which allows pooling computing resources to serve the users better, and quickly downsize and upsize the resources according to the demand of the business. Cloud also eliminates the need to spend extra bucks on hiring an IT professional to manage the on-premise server.

There’s a lot that cloud has to offer!

However, when we combine the benefits of cloud computing with hosting, its capabilities extend multifold.

Few benefits of cloud hosting that can transform your business are:

  • You can access the clients’ data any time anywhere around the world with internet-enabled portable devices like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. You can always keep the data handy no matter the location and instantly respond to clients’ queries.
  • When you take the hosting services from a service provider, the data is secured under multiple layers of security. The major security measures include data encryption, access controls, firewalls, Intrusion Detection & Prevention.
  • The cloud providers offer regular data backup, so data is not lost even at the time of disaster, and business continues as usual.

To shed light on what all benefits cloud brings for businesses, Ace Cloud Hosting is bringing you a webinar “ How Cloud Can Transform Your Business” on December 16, 2020, at 1 PM EST.

Agenda of this webinar:

  • Recognize the need for cloud solutions for business growth
  • To identify the challenges businesses face and how cloud technology can help
  • To give a better insight into how cloud hosting can solve issues pertaining to professionals face in their daily lives of work, be it any industry – accounting, tax, or any other
  • How can the cloud enable business continuity even when an unannounced natural disaster occurs?
  • How can CPAs handle remote working challenges?

This webinar will be presented by Mohit Jain, Sr. Solutions Consultant, Ace Cloud Hosting.

Do not forget to tune in and grab the chance to earn CPE, CPD, and Educational Credits!

Reserve your spot here: https://bit.ly/myCPE-cloud-webinar

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