Hosted VDI Cost Calculation: Which Factors Impact Your VDI Pricing

In the traditional IT infrastructure scenario, there are many cost-related challenges due to substantial capital investments in physical desktops that lead to the decline in growth.

To overcome this, businesses have found a solution in hosted VDI. Hosted VDI is a service in which VDI-based virtual desktops are created by third-party providers and delivered to end-users on their personal devices, such as a smartphone, laptops, and tabs.

As per market research reports, the cloud-based VDI market is predicted to reach $10 Billion by 2023. Companies prefer hosted VDI services due to the benefits like flexibility, mobility, and security at a reduced cost. If you opt for hosted VDI from a provider, you need not worry about the planning. They provide you with all the consultation according to your business requirements.

With hosted VDI in place, companies don’t have to spend substantial capital on setting up IT infra or servers, maintaining storage space, upgrading and updating software or desktops. Though hosted VDI is a cost-effective solution, there are some factors that affect the cost of hosted VDI.

Hosted VDI Cost Calculation: Which Factors Impact Your VDI Pricing

Factors that affect the cost of hosted VDI

Number of Desktops

Companies require hosted virtual desktops according to the number of remote working employees. The number of desktops used could be huge for an MNC and may be comparatively less for an SMB. The number of users decide the cost of hosted VDI because providers offer a subscription-based pricing model, which depends on the number of desktops used at a particular time.

Adding or removing users may change your charges for the month. However, a flexible pricing structure allows you to pay only for the number of desktops you opt for.

Desktop Configuration

The price of any service always depends on the quality, and the same goes with the hosted VDI. A virtual desktop’s price depends on the storage capacity, RAM or memory usage, bandwidth, graphics, and processing power.

The desktop configurations that you can opt for according to your requirements will impact your final hosted VDI pricing. You can always customize the desktop configuration anytime and get charged by the hosted VDI provider accordingly.

Plan Selection

Each provider offers various plans defined according to company’s requirement. For example, providers could offer you a basic model for employees who work on light applications, and a premium model for developers or graphic designers who access heavy applications.

Moreover, some hosted VDI providers offer you the option to customize the plan by mixing more than two plans. Hosted VDI pricing always depends on what plan you choose.

Provider Selection

There is a plethora of hosted VDI providers in the market. Hence, the cost of hosted VDI depends on the provider you choose. The pricing will also depend on the provider’s reputation in the market.

Moreover, some providers offer you free end-to-end 24×7 IT support, take care of all the technical glitches, and even provide free consultations to set things up for you. Some may charge you a little extra above their hosted VDI plan for the same.

Contract Duration

If you plan for a short term, you may pay on a monthly subscription basis, which may cost a little more. However, if you take an annual subscription, then you may save a bit on your pocket.

If you work on a long-term basis, the provider may provide you certain offers. For example, they may include some extra users or give you some free storage space top-up.

Additional Service By The Provider

Each provider has something different to offer, like Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), round-the-clock support, data migration, and fully managed services.

Some providers offer the services mentioned above as a part of their pricing plan. Hence, these might cost a bit more expensive than the rest. Other providers charge extra for these services when you opt for them. However, the overall cost remains the same.


Businesses take hosted VDI solutions according to the company size and requirement of their workforce. There is often a combination of plans because not every employee will work on the same applications. Therefore companies opt for customized programs and ask providers to deploy the desktops according to their business activity.

Reputable providers give free consultation and will tell you what’s best for your business. Hence, the cost of hosted VDI will always depend on what quality, configuration, and services you take.

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