ReverseLogix: Future-proofing Their Workforce

Enhancing data security and optimizing user experience

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    About Company

    ReverseLogix is a leading software platform that empowers businesses with a purpose-built Returns Management System (RMS). The Business is engineered and designed to perform and delight customers with smart returns, transforming a disappointing burden into positive experiences.


    • Finding a solution to prevent data loss
    • Operational issues with Azure DevOps
    • Stop code from getting copied to local machines


    • Ace VDI’s fully managed solution blocked data copy between VDI and local systems
    • Two-factor authentication and firewalls set-up for additional security
    • Scalable and efficiently managed services for users across continents
    Man in ReverseLogix
    Explore ReeverseLogix’s strategy to prevent data leakage and secure their business

    Ace Cloud: Citrix Authorized Strategic Partner

    Our partnership with Citrix allows us to offer secure, reliable, flexible, and scalable virtual desktop solutions that streamline clients’ infrastructure, giving them more power over operations management and improving efficiency. 

    Ace and Citrix

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    Ace Cloud is a renowned cloud service provider, and several industry leaders have acknowledged its meritorious services

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