Virtual Desktops Are The Present And Future

Virtual desktop solutions are rapidly becoming an essential part of every organization. It has played a significant role in supporting remote working requirements of the employees in the pandemic.

Virtual desktops are a replica of a physical desktop or the Windows desktop with some additional benefits. Virtual desktops can be accessed from any location from a personal device – Android phones, iPads, or laptops. Hence, they are not bound by the hardware.

Virtual Desktops Are The Present And Future

Market predictions say that the virtual desktop infrastructure market is expected to reach USD 38.41 billion by 2027. Hence, virtualization is all set to be the future as there is immense growth in remote working employees.

How are virtual desktops created?

Virtual desktops are created on a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment. You can leverage virtual desktops in two ways – either you can opt for on-premise VDI or cloud VDI.

In on-premise VDI, virtual desktops are created in the office servers, and hence the servers and desktops are entirely managed by you. However, in cloud VDI, virtual desktops are built on the cloud servers of the VDI provider. Hence, all IT work is managed by the providers.

Though there are two options to get virtual desktops, companies still prefer cloud VDI, where you get entirely managed virtual desktop services from a third-party provider to reduce the IT hassles.

Types of Virtual Desktops

Persistent Desktops – In this, each user gets a dedicated virtual desktop. You get all your applications and files as it is when you log back in on your desktop. Though it requires enormous storage space and hence increases the cost, companies can opt for them to give their employees a personalized experience.

Non Persistent Desktops – In this, the information is not retained, which means whenever you log back in on the desktop, you get a fresh desktop each time. Hence, you can’t give your team a personalized experience. Still, companies can opt for them as it takes less storage space and decreases the business expense.

Why is Virtual Desktop the Future of Businesses?

The answer is straightforward. It is because of the plethora of benefits that virtual desktop offers to the businesses. Let’s look at some of those –

Increased Security

Unlike physical desktops, where desktops fall victim to cyber threats or theft easily, virtual desktops have been more secure. Virtual desktops created on your premise offer you admin controls and central IT management to keep your company data safe.

Moreover, if you opt for a hosted VDI service, then providers keep data under multiple security safeguards like OS patching and hardening, intrusion detection and prevention, various firewalls, and end-to-end data encryption.

Increased Flexibility

It has always been a stress for employees to reach the office on time and work from their office workstations. However, with virtual desktops in place, employees deliver better performance as they can work even when traveling or from their home’s comfort. They can also work from their desired location and time.

Moreover, with virtual desktops, companies can implement BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), enabling employees to work on their devices even in the office. They can work from their personal device like laptops or tablets.

Minimized Office Infra

With physical desktops and bulky servers, it is a challenge for companies to manage and maintain all the hardware in the office. Virtual desktops have reduced office infra significantly, and the foremost reason being that it enables efficient remote working.

Also, as the providers offer you virtual desktops on cloud servers, you don’t have to keep bulky servers in your office premises. All the LAN cabling and thin client requirements are decreased as well.

Cost Reduction

With physical servers and desktops, companies always need massive upfront investment to meet all the setup requirements. Virtual desktops offered by providers help you pay on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. Also, you only pay for the number of desktops you use at a particular time.

Moreover, since remote working is in place, companies can save huge on electricity bills as there is no need for continuous air conditioning in the premises or the number of desktops used in the office is very few.

Easy Provisioning

Creating or setting up a desktop for new employees has always been a time-taking task for a company. In the case of on-premise VDI, as the desktops are virtual, they can be created instantly with a management portal by your IT team.

Taking virtual desktops from the providers reduces the desktop provisioning time even further. Providers take all the IT work on their shoulders and offer you an entirely managed desktop with pre-installed applications.

High-end Customized Desktop

Physical desktops have a set of desktop specifications that cannot be customized easily. For instance, if you want to increase your desktop’s storage space, you will have to replace the entire hard drive with a higher version, or you will have to add another one which will be expensive.

With a virtual desktop, you customize memory, storage, or the number of desktop requirements instantly. You can give your employees customized desktops according to their job profiles.

What is stopping you from opting for virtual desktops?

Virtual desktops have proved to be a game-changer for the business when it comes to data security, employees’ flexibility, and that too in less expenditure.

However, If you are one of them who still believes that virtual desktops are costly for your business or you think that you may not be able to handle the technicalities involved, then here we are to sway your myths.

Just call our Solution Consultant at +1-855-223-4887 and take a free consultation today to bust out all your myths and leverage the power of virtual desktops for your business.

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