Tax Season 2018 – Blog Series Roundup

Tax storm has already hit the land of accountants, CPAs, and businesses early this year. From early preparation to starting with tax filing processes and till it ends, tax season is full of stress and pressure to achieve better credits and deductions than before.


We are here to make you face the tax challenges and obstacles like a pro. The blog series “Tax Season 2018” tells you all what, when, and how about 2018 taxes, starting with the tips for tax preparation, the documents needed, the number of mistakes to avoid, tips to remain safe during tax season and much more.

In case you have missed any part of blog series, here is a complete list of blogs that you must read and follow –

Part 1: 4 Tips on Preparing for 2018 Tax Season
Summary: This blog is all you need to know how to prepare for tax season 2018. Whether you are a tax professional, individual or a business owner, these tips will help you better plan and file for tax season.

Part 2: Tax Preparation Checklist: Documents That Your Accountant Needs
Summary: This checklist will help you identify and gather all documents that you or your accountant need to prepare and file your taxes.

Part 3: 5 Tips to Help You Stay Safe During Tax Season
Summary: Security is critical for your tax and financial information and data. With this blog, you’ll learn how you can keep your tax information, your privacy and your returns safe from frauds such as identity theft.

Part 4: Why You Need Cloud Accounting for Tax Season
Summary: Cloud can help you prepare and file your taxes more effectively. In this post, we’ve discussed why cloud accounting is a better choice for your business and how it facilitates better collaboration, real-time updates and data security on tax-related work.

Part 5: 5 Mistakes to Avoid This Tax Season
Summary: To make sure you don’t get audited by IRS or lose any tax return, you must avoid these five mistakes suggested in this blog post.

Part 6: 5 Ways To Be Insanely Productive During Tax Season
Summary: Tax season can be stressful. With this post, you’ll learn how you can improve your productivity at work and better relax in this busy tax season.

Part 7: Taxpayer’s Guide to Identity Protection
Summary: Learn how you can secure yourself from Identity theft and what you should do in case your identity is stolen by a cybercriminal.

Part 8: 5 Ways To Have More Fun At Work
Summary: Everyone wants to have fun, especially when there is a lot of stress and workload. With this blog post, you’ll learn how you can enjoy your work and have more engagement with your employees.

Part 9: 5 Next Steps After Tax Season Is Over
Summary: Tax season brings you many opportunities even if it is over such as re-inventing and improving your process, work and knowledge. Learn what you and your accounting firm can do after tax season 2018 is gone.

Part 10: Why Choose Ace Cloud Hosting as Your Tax Software Hosting Provider
Summary: While there are so many providers available for hosting your tax software, here is what makes Ace Cloud Hosting a perfect choice for your tax software and data hosting.

Here is the infographic version of this blog series:

Infographic Checklist for Tax Season

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  • Mark says:

    This blog series is a commendable effort for someone looking to do taxes on their own.

  • John says:

    Being a part of the business world, tax preparation can be a bloodsucker at times. This blog series will help to let go tax season smoothly. Thanks for sharing.

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