6 Limitations of Desktop System That QuickBooks Hosting Helps Overcome

When you think about the applications with a drastic impact on the accounting industry, the first name that comes to mind is QuickBooks Desktop. Riding on its rich array of features, QB Desktop has significantly contributed to the growth of accounting businesses.

However, the dynamic nature of this industry never ceases to demand constant upgrades in its outlook. And this is where QuickBooks installed on a traditional desktop falters with limitations like workspace rigidity, average security measures, higher operational costs, etc.

6 Limitations of Desktop System That QuickBooks Hosting Helps Overcome

There is a solution to overcome these limitations – QuickBooks hosting. QB hosting is a service by third-party providers, wherein they host your QuickBooks license on their cloud environment at nominal periodic charges. Consequently, you can access your QB software from anywhere, anytime, with the help of the Internet. It lets you enjoy numerous benefits like round-the-clock access to QuickBooks, enhanced collaboration, improved security, and much more.

Here the top six limitations of the desktop system that QuickBooks Hosting helps overcome.

1. Workplace Immobility

When you are using QB installed on a desktop system, it often limits your business mobility. You must provide the required systems to your employees and have your work environment limited by geographical or time-zone restrictions. Moreover, if the employee is on a business trip or traveling, they cannot offer their services to the client.

QuickBooks hosting solves these problems and is unhindered by the conventional limitations. With QB hosting, you get a mobile workspace. As your QB application is hosted remotely on cloud servers, you can access it from anywhere, anytime, with the help of required validation and an internet connection.

Also, suppose your employees are using their personal devices with basic configurations. In that case, they can efficiently work from home and still use QB effortlessly without getting bogged down by their systems. This way, you can easily get the ‘mobile workforce’ benefits and scale up your firm’s growth.

2. Substandard Security Measures

When you work in an accounting firm, the most critical parameter is data confidentiality. An accountant has to manage their client’s fiscal credentials regularly. They handle the social security numbers, bank details, credit/debit card information, and much more. This requires them to not only maintain their privacy but also safeguard this data from any potential theft. And this is where the real problem lies.

If data is physically stored in desktop systems, it can be easily stolen. Even if the data is stored in digital form, it becomes vulnerable to illicit hacking attempts.

However, with QuickBooks hosting, you can easily eliminate these potential hazards. Since everything is managed remotely on secure servers, the physical theft of data is next to impossible. Also, to prevent your data from getting hacked, service providers deploy numerous measures like multi-layered security infra, modern IDPS systems, the latest antimalware/antivirus tools, and firewalls.

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3. Limited Business Scalability

If the workload is high (especially during the tax season), firms hire accountants on a contractual basis. This means that you also need extra storage space for a few months. When you use QB on traditional desktops, your business expansion is limited by various factors. You must invest in purchasing extra storage, which will become redundant after a few months. All this not only calls for a sizable capital but also significantly impedes the prospects of expanding the business.

However, this is something that can be conveniently overcome by QB hosting. You can simply contact your service provider and communicate your requirements. All the necessary changes will be made available to you within minutes. And when the tax season is over, and you do not need those extra resources, you can contact them again and go back to the default configuration instantly.

One of the key challenges of QuickBooks desktop systems is their limited accessibility. However, QuickBooks hosting provides a solution by enabling remote access and collaboration. Learn more about the features and pricing of ‘QuickBooks Desktop Pro: Review Features and Pricing in 2023‘ to understand how it enhances the capabilities of hosted QuickBooks solutions

4. Unreliable Data Backup and Recovery

Apart from the customarily accounting services, the clients want their accountants to help them devise financial strategies, monitor fiscal trends in their business, and assess their expenditure behavior. This ultimately makes data an essential asset for an organization and calls for drastic measures to safely back it up and recover in the time of crisis. But with desktop-based systems, if your office space is compromised due to any calamity, it can severely damage the storage server and cause irreversible losses.

This is why hosting your QB is one of the best ways to ensure that your data is frequently backed up, adequately stored, and can be retrieved whenever needed. With QB hosting, your service provider backs up your information on remote servers (mostly on a daily basis). Also, these remote servers are maintained at strategic geographical locations, capable of withstanding a wide range of calamities and accidents. So, in a scenario where a sudden office fire or earthquake can lead to irreversible data loss, the remote servers provide continuous data availability.

5. Costly IT Infrastructure

Another major limitation of using traditional desktops is their costly set-up and maintenance. When you establish a traditional desktop environment, you have to set-up the required number of office systems. This calls for repetitive tasks of installation, updating, and license renewal. Also, you need to hire an additional IT team to oversee your infrastructure, which again raises the overall operational costs.

Moving to QB hosting frees you from these IT-related hassles and smoothens your infrastructure development. Since it is the service provider responsible for setting up the infrastructure, you don’t need to invest heftily. All you need is to pay a monthly subscription fee and leave the rest to them. They even have their team of IT professionals for any IT support round-the-clock. This again lessens your cost burden and improves your firm’s cost-efficiency.


The benefits offered by QuickBooks hosting can prove to be the magic syrup needed for the growth of your business. As everything is hosted on the cloud and managed by your service provider, you get the freedom from the limitations of installing QB on a traditional system.

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