QuickBooks Cloud Hosting: 9 Benefits for CPAs and SMBs

CPAs all around the world are on the lookout for innovatory tools and techniques that can make their accounting lives a whole lot easier. QuickBooks is an accounting software helping CPAs and SMBs to do accounting and bookkeeping. It offers tools and features that help in managing payrolls, bills, invoices, and generating reports.

However, QuickBooks lacks certain functionalities like remote access and multi-user collaboration. Therefore, you need a solution that can help overcome these limitations.

Hosting QB software on a secure cloud server fulfills your purpose with seamless ease.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting: 9 Benefits for CPAs and SMBs

And one could never go wrong with hosted QuickBooks as it brings forth a number of advantages and services with seamless ease. Here’s how:

1. Keep Your Pockets Intact

With QuickBooks hosting, you’d have your very own cost-cutting magnet. It significantly causes a reduction in expenditures at all business levels. Up-front costs, costs related to installation, setup & maintenance have been replaced by a minimal monthly rental.

If you’re taking the plunge and looking for a QuickBooks upgrade to boost your process, you can do it for free!

There is no need to shelling out extra bills for backup & recovery purposes. Additionally, it promotes a lean IT infrastructure, which means that you can ease the pressure on your IT staff or even relieve them of their duties completely.  ‘PAY-AS-YOU-GO’ is the QuickBooks hosting mantra.

2. Anytime-Anywhere Usage

Your existing clientele and even your personnel per se can have access to QuickBooks right from any location. All they need is the internet and a compatible device to go along with it.

Moreover, collaborative measures are extensively provided, enabling the whole staff to stay connected and updated with each other’s tasks.

3. Usage Made Remarkably Easy

A common complaint of tax and business professionals all across the globe is that the accounting software comes with a touch of complexity when it comes to usage and comprehension. But QuickBooks on cloud defies that age-old norm by providing an easy-to-use interface that is simple to understand and grasp.

If you are familiar with the desktop version of QuickBooks, you won’t find any difference operating it while using the cloud environment.

4. Change is the Name of the Game

In this competitive financial market, adaptability is the key to healthy survival. QuickBooks has a wide array of ready-made templates that can be used for business purposes like creating spreadsheets, invoices & formulating business strategies.

You can customize the look and feel of your interface, such as imprinting your company logo on invoices.

Hosting QuickBooks further enables you to upscale or downscale IT resources, such as the number of users, RAM, storage space, and more conveniently as per business requirements. This on-demand service helps businesses to function seamlessly and grow without any disruptions due to restricted resources.

5. Privacy Prioritization

That is where QuickBooks hosting enters the fray as it promotes selective access to who has access to your data and by what margins. It makes sure that no unauthorized access is granted under your watch. Moreover, the application also provides you a dedicated virtual timeline for each individual transaction.

Most of the reliable cloud hosting providers implement various standards like multi-level authorization and access control to mitigate attacks from illegitimate users.

6. Optimized Reports & Documentation:

What QuickBooks does so magnificently is that it provides you a centralized database for all your documentation needs. Moreover, it gives you an environment by eliminating all the unnecessary paper requirements & causing a significant reduction in the company’s carbon footprint.

QuickBooks cloud hosting offers a centralized platform for sharing, accessing, and storing all the documents so that you and your team can make changes to the files and reports in real-time and share them in a secure manner.

7. Better Monitoring

QuickBooks Hosting enables you to keep track of the workflow and team performance in real-time through a dashboard. It helps to analyze and plan effective strategies for the growth of the company.

You can also outsource the services required by keeping the privacy concerns at bay.

8. Sense of Security

QuickBooks hosting automatically comes with a prudent backup & recovery scheme, which is designed to put down all your safety concerns. Additionally, dual backups have been incorporated, aiming to satisfy even the most paranoid users. It includes data storage at multiple geographically isolated server farms.

QuickBooks hosting providers take proper precautions to safeguard data at physical as well as virtual level. Utmost security is propagated in the form of password protection, multiple redundancies, firewalls & encryptions.

9. QuickBooks Add-Ons

Add-ons are third-party software that adds extra functionality to QuickBooks. QuickBooks hosting permits clients to host the newest add-ons so they can be directly integrated with any QuickBooks version they want.

Additionally, the scalability of resources allows you to integrate unlimited add-ons with QuickBooks without compromising the performance of the application.


No matter how swiftly your company grows both in stature and in size, at the end of the day, your most critical business accounting data is sitting right in your pockets by just hosting QuickBooks on the cloud!

Are you looking for hosting QuickBooks On Cloud? Download this QuickBooks Hosting Buyer’s Guide and choose a hosting provider tailored to your specific business needs.

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  • Felix Beier says:

    I have been using QuickBooks for 2 years now and it has been a satisfying experience till date. There are so many things that has changed, especially the user interface and add on services. But what has not changed is the deliverance of this accounting software. It is always spot on and time savvy.

  • Richard Tape says:

    Being a proud owner of QuickBooks I must confess that initially I was very reluctant whether my small business data would be safe or not. But the technology advancement in this field has not only kept the interests of small business owners at priority but has also ensured data safety.

  • Casey black says:

    What really stands out in QuickBooks is the variety of services that it offers. Business owner can customize how the application works around his business. I experienced this quality in the QuickBooks version 2012.

  • Tracy Levesque says:

    QuickBooks really simplifies the stress busting tasks of businesses. Whether you are on a family holiday or even lying down on the sofa, this accounting application enables you to manage monetary transactions on the go.

  • Albert Ryder says:

    There are so many accountants and CPAs that were unaware of the features of QuickBooks. But in the recent years the acceptance rate of this accounting software has been remarkable and promising.

    • Aditi Tyagi says:

      I totally agree Albert, the promotion of this accounting software across various platforms has also aided the process.

  • Sean Hayes says:

    I am a small time vendor and a QuickBooks application user since 2013. Recently a mishap took place at my store and I lost all the records and invoices. But within hours I was able to recover every document with the help of QuickBooks hosting services.

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