Accounting Events 2019: Blog Series Roundup

Events and conferences are essential for all accountants, CPAs, and almost every other business professional for networking with like-minded people, prospects, thought leaders, influencers, and for being updated with the latest technology and best practices in the industry.


We started this blog series to provide a guide for those who are attending the event for the first time or who are trying to make their next event visit more productive and effective. We decided to cover the common concerns, queries, and tips to make your conference and event visits convenient as well as productive. So, we are ending our blog series with this roundup blog.

In this blog, we will summarize each blog to explain why you should read them. We covered almost every topic possible related to the events and conferences like why you should attend them, which events to attend, Dos and Donts during events, how to make your visit more productive and many more.

If you have missed any part of the series, you can still read it according to your concerns and needs. Let’s begin.

Part 1: Events That Accountants Can’t Afford to Miss in 2019

Summary: The blog enlists the most relevant and useful events and conferences for accountants, CPAs, and other accounting professionals in 2019. Not only accounting experts but entrepreneurs, innovators, marketers, and other business professionals can be beneficial from these events.

In this blog, we have provided information such as who should attend a particular event or conference along with their venues, dates and official registration links.

Why you should read: If you are looking for the most relevant and useful events or conferences in 2019, then you must read it. There’s a section that can help you in deciding if a person from your profession should attend that particular event or not.

Part 2: Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Event to Attend

Summary: With a vast range of choices available with the events to attend, it can be difficult for some professionals in deciding which event they should select. So, here we enlisted five factors to be considered while you are trying to choose an event specific to your needs and profession with some bonus tips to make sure you don’t get lost while deciding that.

Why you should read: If you are not able to decide which event is more relevant and useful to your profession and goals then this blog will help you out in narrowing down your search.

Part 3: How to Prepare a Schedule to Balance Work and Events

Summary: Sometimes it becomes difficult to attend an event or conference due to workload, and the person has to wait an entire year to attend it next year. In this blog, we covered this specific issue to offer a list of four steps that will help you manage your work life and events effectively.

Why you should read: In case you are worried about your work at the office and afraid that you will miss out an event due to it then this blog is for you. It will guide you on how to balance work and events together without the loss at any end.

Part 4: Essentials You Should Carry Packing for Attending the Event

Summary: Packing plays a vital role in deciding if your visit is going to be a convenient one or not. Because if you are far from your home without the essentials that you need, then you may regret not packing adequately.

With this blog, we tried to avoid such a scenario by providing a checklist of essentials to carry for an event so that our readers can have a wonderful time at the event or conference without any regrets and worries.

Why you should read: If you are worried about what to carry while packing for the event and if you don’t want to miss out on any essential on reaching there, then you must read it, we covered almost all the essentials that you must have and will serve you as a checklist while packing for events.

Part 5: How to use Events for Networking?

Summary: One of the top aims of attending an event or conference is networking with relevant professionals, hot leads, fellow accountants, and other business professionals. In this blog, we enlisted the four ways to make sure you have an effective networking experience at the event or conferences.

Who should read: If you want to make your networking practices more effective, take home new contacts and leads, then you must take out five minutes for reading this blog.

Part 6: Dos and Don’ts During the Event

Summary: This blog contains the lists of what the attendees must do and must not do during the events. It is specially targeted with the purpose of helping out the new attendees but can also be helpful to those who are not new but want to make their visit more productive. It has best practices to make your event visit a memorable one.

Who should read: If you have never attended an event and are nervous about making most of the moment, then it is a must-read blog.

Part 7: Managing Takeaways from the Events

Summary: This blog answers what are the steps to be taken and how to make sure that you have utilized your visit effectively after attending the event.

It includes various steps and measures to take after returning from the event. These measures will be helpful in achieving the objectives that you had set with the event.

Who should read: If you intend to understand how you can use the experience and connections built at the event in an optimum manner, this is the blog you should be reading.

Did we miss out any specific topic in this blog series? Tell us in the comment section what you would like to know more about professional events. Also, for automated update of our latest and awesome content subscribe to our newsletters.

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  • Draze says:

    “How to Prepare a Schedule to Balance Work and Events” and “How to Use Events for Networking” are two of my favorites out of all in the list. Well done!

  • Goni says:

    A one-stop destination for all the information regarding the accounting events in 2019. Well written and well-summarized Sahil.

  • Phoebe says:

    Networking is an essential part of an accountant’s life, and there is always an urgency to make it as productive and fruitful as possible. The information provided summarizes everything that an accountant wants regarding the accounting events. Thank you for this.

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