Accounting Events 2019: [Part 5 of 7] How to Use Events For Networking?

Networking, as we discussed in our previous blog of this blog series, is one of the main purposes of attending the events.

As everyone knows that the competition is at its peak in almost every field of businesses, hence, one needs to do little extra to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Networking can be a crucial factor to do so, and events are the best platform for networking.


However, it may be challenging for some that how to engage in a conversation with the right people during the event. Even many successful professionals have similar doubts and issues when it comes to networking. We understand that so, with our new blog of ‘Accounting Events 2019’ blog series, we will explain the best practices to do the networking during events.

We will discuss the various ways, and effective measures not only to make your event successful but also try to make sure you generate the significant ROI with the event.

Let’s begin.

1. The Power of Social Media

If you are an active user of social media platforms, then you would already know about the power these platforms holds. Even if you don’t share the regular posts or get into the interactions over social media sites, you would still have noticed its reach and capabilities.

You can use social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to connect with professionals that you see, heard, or met in the event. Using Twitter and other social media platforms is one of the essentials for networking and marketing efficiently during events.

Other than Twitter, there are social media platforms that can be helpful like LinkedIn and Facebook. Let’s see how you can use these sites for networking.

a) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the popular sites where you can connect with business professionals, innovators, entrepreneurs, CPAs, and other industry influencers in a formal way. Make sure you communicate with everyone you met or expect to meet in the event on LinkedIn.

On LinkedIn, you can learn about the specific people’s background details like where they work, their achievements, their interest in attending the events, and other such information. Such details are not usually available on Twitter. So LinkedIn can be helpful you to find out if that specific person is relevant or useful to you or not and you can also send them personal messages if in case they are.

b) Facebook

Facebook has more users than any other social media platforms. So, it can be the right place to be connected to those who are also attending the events. Find out the official page of that event or conference where you can find out other attendees posting and using hashtags related to the events.

It will be a faster way to find out who attended the same event and if you are looking for a specific person, then there are chances you will find if the person has posted on the page or used the hashtag of the events for posting over his wall.

2. Find Out Your Goal and Initiate

Why you attended or wish to attend this specific event can define who you should be networking with. Do you want to meet some influencer or want to look for a possible business partner or client?

If you thought you could generate some new client leads in this event then start conversations with your targeted audience or lead. You may reach your target or the person you want to connect with and open up the conversation with a script you had already prepared.

Questions like “can you explain a little bit more” can be helpful as you might look like an interested guy in his/her product or innovation and the conversation might take place on its own without you struggling for doing so.

3. Introduce Yourself

It is important, as it will help you to promote yourself and also to make sure that the people will remember about you when you connect to them after the event or vice-versa.

So, don’t forget to introduce yourself to the people. Especially, to those who are a big deal in the industry (CEOs, Innovators, Chairman, etc.), who knows what opportunity may fell in your pocket or even if it doesn’t, then there are good chances that you can connect to those big names after the event and can ask for favor, help or guidance. Don’t forget to take follow up of such connections later.

4. Marketing and Promotions

Events are great platforms for marketing and promotion of your product, services or ideas. Try to grab an opportunity to speak in the event. Don’t just be a dull audience but ask questions and doubts from the speakers to draw the positive attention of the crowd and the professionals.

Reasonable doubts and points can help you in creating an image of a professional and thoughtful person. It would help you to gain attention when you will try to start a conversation with someone and also, there are chances that someone gets reaches to you and start the discussion. Moreover, in these conversations, you can talk about what you do and what are your ambitions, services, ideas, and others.

Try to grab opportunities to stand in the spotlight of the stage and speak on a particular topic or issue. Such moments can be helpful to talk about your products and ideas to promote them and yourself. You are not the only one who is looking for professionals to network with. Be that person with whom people want to connect.

Wrapping Up

With these tips and ways of networking during the event, I am sure, you are going to rock the events and will be able to generate the maximum ROI for your firm.

In our next blog, we will cover the topic ‘Do’s and Don’ts in the Event.’ Follow us on social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to receive updates on our blog posts. Also, tell us in the comment section which topics you want to cover in this series.

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