Accounting Events 2019: [Part 4 of 7] Essentials You Should Carry Before Packing for Attending the Event

After deciding which events to attend and how to prepare a schedule to balance work and events, this blog series will further discuss the necessary toolkit you need to carry in the event.

“Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The whole purpose of attending the event may be affected if you are not prepared to make most of the opportunities present there. Given that the events help the accountants, entrepreneurs, innovators and other business professionals to gain knowledge and connection, there’s a lot that they can make out of the events.


The events can surprise you with so many opportunities that no one knows what may happen or come their way and the best thing to do is to remain prepared for every possible scenario. Events are not only about having fun but also being productive at the same time. Missing out on an opportunity or any unexpected barrier may ruin your whole experience. Nobody wants that.

In this article, we will provide a checklist to ensure that you are well equipped and prepared to face whatever may come across, you have the best experience possible there.

1. Scheduling and Document Check

Before leaving for the event, ensure that you are carrying all necessary documents (travel documents, flight itinerary and airline tickets, passport, and others). It can be disastrous to miss out on such vital documents and will cause last minute hassle. Events may keep you occupied for multiple days so, don’t forget to clear your schedule for the purpose.

You can read the 3rd blog of this series which covered the issue on how to schedule to balance work and events then check it out and save yourself from any inconvenience or bad experience.

Scheduling is also important from the point of securing your business and to not get affected due to your absence. So, prioritize your work and finish them before leaving for the events.

2. Carry Your Business Card

Yes, carrying business card can be as helpful as keeping your travel documents because it will help you seem professional and make a mark for better networking. Today, the world has been digitalized, and branding of your business is more effective and productive on digital platforms, but still, a branding material like a business card can be useful at conferences, seminars, and events where face to face networking takes place. Along with that, there is no harm in keeping a digital business card.

The business card is shared with a targeted person and influential person. Even if they forget about you or don’t require your assistance at that time, it will keep reminding them of you.

Importantly, you should retain the contact details mentioned in the card for long.

3. Prepare Conversational Scripts Beforehand

Always prepare your statements or answers for expected questions that may come across you during a conversation during the event, such as “What you exactly do? Is it your first-time visit at the event?”. A spontaneous answer to such basic questions can make your first impression a lasting impression on them.

Also, don’t forget to prepare a list of questions or doubts that you want to ask from the specific person, speaker or if there’s a point that you want to raise in that event. It will be helpful to have written down these questions and points before attending the events because you don’t want to regret after the event and to generate the maximum output from the event.

4. Social Media Interaction or Strategy

Now, it can be a significant advantage if you get in touch with most of the attendees you interact or meet in the event through social media platforms. Networking is one of the most important aspects of attending the event, and if you are not getting in touch with the other visitors, attendees, speakers, influencers, CPAs, or any business oriented professional on social media after attending the event then you’re doing ineffective networking.

Social media is a proven marketing option and can ensure that you are in touch with the possible clients, collaborators, like-minded professionals, and other. This way you will increase your contacts and network more effectively.

5. Plan Your Content Marketing

If you are an influencer or a writer or even if you’re a full-time accountant but regularly posts on social media platforms, then plan your content marketing according to the events you are attending.

Use Twitter and Facebook to post pictures or videos of the event to engage your followers. It will help in your promotion over digital platforms and can be beneficial for you or your accounting firm, business, etc. Twitter is among popular for engaging event-based post attraction if you are following the right practices with tweets.

6. Tech Check

Make a checklist to ensure that you don’t forget to carry all your tech-gadgets, such as a smartphone, laptop, their charger and, probably, extra batteries. It can be frustrating if you are in great need of calling someone or capturing a moment during the event whether it is for social media purpose, record keeping purpose, or for personal use and you find out you find your device battery drained.

So, do a quick check of all tech devices and accessories before leaving for the event and keep checking your device’s batteries and don’t forget to charge them whenever you get time to do it.

7. Comfort-oriented Packing

Last but not least is doing the packing for comfort. Sometimes, people pack almost everything they can think of and then suffer vigorously due to the discomfort it creates. Don’t do that, and carry only the relevant and required items to the event.

You can confirm the availability of certain amenities with the hotel you will be staying and then decide if you need to carry that throughout the journey or not.


This checklist is enough to ensure you take what you need. However, you can have add-ons according to your purposes but don’t overdo it.

Business-oriented events can be hectic, but it doesn’t mean you carry pairs of sweatshirts and hoodies, but yeah, you can think of something which is relevant to the event and comfortable to carry at the same time.

Now, you are all equipped and prepared for the event. Try to have a great time at the event and also do the productive works by meeting the goals.

In our next blog of the series, we will discuss top ways to build a network in the event.

Networking is as said before is one of the most fundamental aspects of attending events by accountants, entrepreneurs, and other business professionals. We will discuss it more in our next blog, till then don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to have a notification regarding our content.

What are your thoughts on this? What do you carry while attending the events? Please let us know in the comments section.

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