Behind every departmental success, there’s always a small army of software that helps these departments to achieve their business goals in a simplified manner.

Having a software is not just enough, but to have efficient and affordable software for specific departments helps them to define their tasks easily.

Having specific software for your accounting department gives the benefits of simplifying tax filing, accurate forecasting, improving work efficiency, cost saving, data security, keeps a track of business financial records, and so on.

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In the infographic depicted below, we have handpicked some of the software tools which an accounting department should have for streamlined accounting process.

  1. Accounting Application Software such as QuickBooks, Sage, etc.
  2. Tax Preparation Software like Lacerte, Drake, etc.
  3. Payroll Management Software such as Intuit payroll etc.
  4. Time & Expense Tracking Software includes TSheets, Count Me In, etc.
  5. Integrated CRM Software for instance Method CRM, etc.
  6. Team Communication Software such as Zoho, Slack, etc.
  7. Hosting Service Software being Ace Cloud Hosting.

7 Software Your Accounting Department Can’t Survive Without Infographic

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