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At Ace Cloud Hosting, delivering top-notch cloud solutions is not the only aim. We aim to help businesses and professionals to be able to work up to their optimum efficiency and comfort. Along with the technology solutions, we continuously offer free content in form of blogs, infographics, whitepapers, knowledge base, and others to make you more proficient.

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In the year 2018, we delivered blogs in various categories and here is a summary of our effort to give you a quick highlight of what the passing year offered and what the coming year promises.

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Preparing for the year to come

A) The Year of Achievements for Ace Cloud Hosting

FinancesOnline, a renowned review platform in the finance and accounting industry, awarded Ace Cloud Hosting with Great User Experience 2018 award in the top accounting software category.

Along with that we were also honored with Rising Star award, as we featured on the platform for the first time.

Main functionalities, collaboration features, customization, integration, security, ease-of-use, and customer support are some of the main factors on which FinancesOnline judged the service standards of Ace Cloud Hosting to decide the awards.

Continue reading – Ace Cloud Hosting Won Awards for QuickBooks Hosting From FinancesOnline.

B) Ace Cloud Hosting Makes New Alliances

Ace Cloud Hosting partnered with HammerZen to host the QuickBooks add-on on the cloud. HammerZen is a renowned application that can integrate invoice and other statements from The Home Depot into QuickBooks.


Ace Cloud Hosting adds benefits of the cloud, such as remote accessibility, real-time updates, 99.99% uptime guarantee, 45-day rolling backup of data, and others. Since ACE hosts QuickBooks and its add-ons, such as HammerZen, on High-Performance Computing servers the process of information sharing between the apps is even faster.

Continue reading – Ace Cloud Hosting Partners with HammerZen.

C) Experts Penned For Ace Cloud Hosting

Ace Cloud Hosting tries to offer top-quality content with its various resources and blogs. This year, Geni Whitehouse, CPA, author of ‘Even a Nerd Can Be Heard’, and keynote speaker at TedxNapaValley and various other popular events, contributed to Ace Cloud Hosting.

In her article ‘Considerations for Your Journey to the Cloud(s)’, she discussed various concerns and issues that professionals and businesses face while moving to the cloud, while explaining multiple available options, such as – hosted applications, SaaS, and DaaS.

D) Ace Cloud Hosting In News

1. Ace Cloud Hosting Launches QuickBooks POS Online Service

Ace Cloud Hosting brought a much-awaited solution for multi-store retails with the introduction of QuickBooks POS online. With the hosting of QuickBooks POS, ACE offers a common platform to track all your Point of Sales reports at various stores.

It is a breakthrough solution for the retail industry as real-time processing with POS peripherals on the cloud has always been a challenge. However, ACE overcame this challenge to provide all the functionalities of the desktop application, along with the benefits of the cloud.

Continue reading company’s press release on the announcements to launch of QuickBooks POS hosting server.

2. Acing Major Technology Upgrades for Tax Season

Citing the needs of tax preparers, accountants, and other accounting professionals to file and process tax information on the accounting and tax software, Ace Cloud Hosting upgraded its servers to High-Performance Computing (HPC).

With the upgraded technology, multiple users can collaborate smoothly even on the heavy applications. It also enhances the reliability and availability of the hosting service as it adds pace to the backup and replication process as well. Ace Cloud Hosting maintains the uptime guarantee of 99.99% with High-Performance Computing.

Read the complete news here.

3. Ace Cloud Hosting Now Offers 45-Day Rolling Backup

Ace Cloud Hosting greets its users with an interesting freebie for the Christmas as it adopts 45-day rolling backup policy. Earlier the company maintained the data backup of up to 30 days for the users with its default policies.

This upgrade gives the users more convenience as their data is securely available for recovery in case of any accidental deletion or loss of data. Along with that, users have the option to enhance the backup duration on-demand.

E) Upgrades with QuickBooks in the Year 2018

1. QuickBooks 2019 is Here

Intuit released the latest version of QuickBooks in September. With QuickBooks 2019, users received various system feature enhancements. Some of the new features that came with the newest version of QuickBooks desktop are:

  • The invoice tracker
  • Credit transfer between jobs
  • The vendor filters

Read detailed article on what’s new with QuickBooks 2019.

2. Comparing QuickBooks 2019 with Two of Its Preceding Versions

QuickBooks 2019 desktop brought various changes with features in its different versions (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Accountant). In its blog ‘QuickBooks 2019 vs. 2018 vs 2017: What’s The Difference?’, Ace Cloud Hosting compared differences that will mater for QB users:

Key Features201920182017
New! “See History” button in the Invoice page  
New! Credit Transfer Between Jobs  
Improved! IIF File Imports  
Improved! Vacation/Sick Tracking Feature  
Multi-Monitor Support 
Enhanced Search in the Chart of Accounts 
Efficient Report Filters that can be applied to multiple reports
Bounced Check Tracking

F) The Lessons To Learn From 2018

1. 9 Key Takeaways from Scaling New Heights Conference 2018

Atlanta hosted Scaling New Heights 2018 and it lived up to the hype the event draws. It had a lot to offer for accounting and other professionals that can help one up their skill set and efficiency.

Some of the key takeaways from Scaling New Heights 2018 were:

  • Be Strategic
  • Networking is the key
  • Details demand attention

Read the complete blog here.

2. Why You Should Change the Passwords of Your Windows Accounts Periodically?

Passwords protect your various accounts only if you are keeping them safe. One of the critical steps with password protection is updating it regularly.

Why changing password matters:

  1. To mitigate the damage from a compromised password
  2. To get rid of passwords saved on devices
  3. Written passwords may not be safe
  4. Compliance mandates

ACE also lists its password policy and how you can change the password for Ace Cloud Hosting account in this blog.

3. Cloud Uptime Guarantee: How Many Nines Do You Need?

In this article, Ace Cloud Hosting explains how various cloud service providers calculate their uptime along with its importance for you.

Most providers offer uptime between 99% and 100%, which looks like a small or maybe insignificant gap. However, on a closer look, it can be a difference from 3 days of downtime to 30 seconds of downtime, in a year.

Follow this blog for a more detailed explanation on uptime.

1. QuickBooks Hosting Review 2018 – Benefits, Pricing & Customer Reviews

Hosting of QuickBooks desktop application has moved a long way since it came into existence. Deepanshu Gahlaut takes a modern-day approach and needs into consideration to review the potential of QuickBooks Hosting on the cloud.

Some of the highlights of the blog are:

  • Beyond QuickBooks on Local System
  • QuickBooks Hosting: What and Why?
  • User Satisfaction
  • Uptime is Critical
  • Pricing

Read QuickBooks Hosting Review 2018 in detail.

2. What Is VDI And How Does It Work?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has emerged as one of the most sought-after cloud technologies in recent years. Yet, various businesses and professionals are not able to get a clear picture of VDI, and they can leverage it. Sharad Acharya mentions the definition of the technology with the perspective of a user, along with its working, benefits, and components.

Read more on the VDI here.

3. How To Access QuickBooks Remotely: 3 Easy And Secure Ways

Limitation of the default version of QuickBooks desktop regarding the remote accessibility has been a concern for many. Not many are aware that you can access QuickBooks desktop remotely and that too safely. Nishant Kadian explains three methods that are approved by Intuit for remote access of QuickBooks:

  • Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Using QuickBooks Remote Access Tool

Follow this link to read these methods in detail. This article is available in the infographic version as well.

4. 15 of the Best Accounting Blogs You Should Be Reading

One of the key steps to survive in the accounting industry is keeping the knowledge growing. To help with the cause, blogs have emerged as a great resource of knowledge.

This article discusses top 15 accounting blogs that one should read to keep up with changing trends, technologies, and practices in the industry. The article lists website and social media pages of the top accounting blogs, such as:

  • Accounting Today
  • AICPA Insights
  • AccountingWEB
  • Accountex Report

Get direct links to top accounting knowledge resource here.

5. Difference Between QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise

QuickBooks desktop is undoubtedly the most used accounting software among SMBs in the USA. However, which version – Pro, Premier, or Enterprise fits best for whom is something that many professionals struggle to answer.

In this article, we have compared various features and functionalities that will help you pick the right version of QuickBooks desktop for your accounting needs.

Max. Number of Users3530
Data File Size Up to150-200 MB150-200 MB1 GB
Automate or Customize Prices within QuickBooksNoNoAvailable
Individual User PermissionYesYesYes, with more advanced options
Card Payment AcceptedYesYesPreferred Rate
Anytime, Anywhere AccessWith Hosting ServiceWith Hosting ServiceWith Hosting Service
Create Business PlanNoYesYes
Bounced Check Tracking

Explore more difference in the original article.

6. 8 Benefits of QuickBooks POS Hosting for Your Business

QB POS or QuickBooks Point of Sale software, when hosted on the cloud, can add a great value to your retail store.

With QuickBooks POS online, retail stores get:

  • Centralized POS data access
  • Enhanced security
  • Reduced IT management burden
  • Ease of expanding stores

Read more benefits of QB POS Cloud in detail here.

7. [Infographic] 6 Habits of Productive Accountants

Even in all the distractions and workload, being consistently productive is what’s going to define a great future for the accountants. To remain a productive asset in the industry, it is critical to follow practices, such as:

  • Being goal oriented
  • Using the latest technologies
  • Managing schedule better

Check out this infographic to see the top habits of productive accountants.


8. [Infographic] How To Become A Digital CPA if Not ‘Born Digital’

Developing technologies are luring more and more accounting professionals to adopt digital methods, not only for performing their core jobs but also for tasks such as collaborating with clients and marketing. It adds to their efficiency.

Are you a digital CPA, who is using the right technologies for the right actions? If not, this infographic will give you a quick guide to be a digital CPA.

H) Preparing for the Year To Come

1. Prepare, Tax Season 2019 is Near!

Tax deadlines for the year 2019 are out, and it is high time you prepare start fast with the filing to avoid last minute panic. Some of the tips that you can follow are:

  • Find a good tax preparer
  • Gather documents needed to file taxes
  • File early and electronically

Explore the blog to read in detail about these tips on tax filing along with a list of documents that will be needed.

2. Top 6 Security Threats Accounting Firms Should Watch in 2019

Accounting data is crucial. That’s why security is always a top concern for the accounting industry. With the growing digitization of the industry, the seriousness with the security is also going to grow. In 2019, various security threats that the accountant will be dealing are:

  • Data breaches by employees
  • Not assessing security risk
  • Data security during the transmission
  • Cryptojacking

Go to the original article to read about accounting security threats that are looming large in 2019.

3. Cloud Computing Trends to Prepare for in 2019

Cloud computing is probably the most rapidly expanding technology. While some industries are considering how they can use it, several others have entirely changed with its implementation.

This article evaluates various trends of cloud computing that are expected to make an impact in 2019, such as:

  • The rise of hybrid computing solutions
  • Quantum Computing will be more readily available
  • Security concerns will be addressed better

Continue reading on the top trends in cloud computing for the year 2019.

4. 10 Ways How VDI Will Change Your Business in 2019

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) market is expected to grow at CAGR of 27% from 2016 through 2023. This growth has multiple facets that are expecting a change in the businesses and professionals execute computing tasks.

In this blog, Ace Cloud Hosting lists 10 most influencing ways in which businesses are going to experience because of VDI:

  • Remote Work
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Desktop Pools
  • Power Utilization

Read more on how VDI will change the businesses in 2019.

5. Top 9 Innovations Accounting Businesses Should Adopt in 2019 and Future

The accounting industry has many differences in the way they work compared to several other verticals of businesses. The coming year is going to shape the operation in accounting businesses in several new directions.

With the accounting software industry looking for an expansion rate of 8.6% continuously from 2018 till 2026, it is high time you pay attention to and adopt the right technologies.

This article on nine innovations that will shape the future of accounting businesses mentions digital currency, cloud computing, robotic software, more

6. Series on Accounting Events 2024

In this blog series, Ace Cloud Hosting addresses various challenges that an accountant – whether the independent or firm owner, with attending the events. The blog series is aimed to help accounting professionals not only choose the right events to attend, but also to make the most out of them.

Some of the topics that this blog series covers are:

Part 1: Accounting Events to Attend

Part 2: Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Event To Attend

Part 3: How to Prepare a Schedule to Balance Work and Events

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