8 Benefits of QuickBooks POS Hosting for Your Business

Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale software, also known as POS, makes a significant difference in employee performance and client satisfaction. The software keeps various departments organized and helps in tracking sales, inventory counts and customer information. When hosted on the cloud, QuickBooks POS offers numerous advantages to businesses of all sizes and shapes.

With secure QuickBooks POS hosting, locally hosted registers are moved to the cloud, providing the advantage of storing data in the cloud with complete security and unlocking the flexibility to work from anywhere and accessing QuickBooks POS data remotely for route shows, trade shows, and line busters.


Image: Benefits of QuickBooks Point-of-Sale Cloud Hosting

Hosting the software on the cloud would allow you to easily sync orders, employee records, payroll data and inventory with a single click. This further helps users to perform their accounting processes from QB instead of re-entering everything in Point of Sale back into their accounting software.

Here are some of the benefits of QuickBooks POS hosting on the cloud.

1. Enhanced Security

QuickBooks Point-of-Sale hosting comes with the latest tools to guarantee complete security from malicious software or any natural disaster such as fire or flood. Cloud hosting providers offer the highest security standards such as 256-bit encryption, continuous network monitoring and fully-clustered multi-tier structure to keep your data safe and secure.

2. Automatic Backup

Cloud service providers ensure that your data is safe in case of hard disk failure, server crash or accidental file deletion, as there is an automatic feature of backing up your data on a regular basis.

3. Easy Access

With hosted QuickBooks POS software, business operators can accept card transactions via smartphones or tablets which lets retailers or shopkeepers transact anywhere – be it from a delivery at the job site or middle of an eatery. This enables retailers or shopkeepers to be productive even when they are away.

All they need is an internet connection and a compatible device. Cloud hosting also offers solutions for mobile workers or employees in remote locations and allows the use of outsource companies or work from home.

4. Reduced IT Management Burden

Hosting QuickBooks POS software on cloud allows firms to focus on their business operation instead of the technology supporting it. While hosting on the cloud, companies do not need to invest a lot in hard storage devices. Along with delivering a significant amount of freedom, hosting also provides considerable cost savings for the company.

5. 24*7 Customer Support

All hosting providers offer round the clock customer support to their client to help keep their QuickBooks Point-of-Sale up and running. And this comes at no extra cost. The quality of support and how quickly you get answers from your POS hosting provider, help boost your business success.

6. Reduced Cost

QuickBooks Point-of-Sale hosting can help in significant cost reduction for your business along with improvements in productivity and performance. Hosting enables companies to implement latest and complex solutions without upfront investment in infrastructure or hardware. And since cloud providers have system administration in place, the ongoing cost of maintaining your systems is reduced.

7. Improved Collaboration with Outside Parties

QuickBooks Point-of-Sale hosting provides a better collaboration with the outsourced employee, bookkeeper or accountant. So, you can sync-up and work on the QuickBooks POS data simultaneously which means faster and more efficient collaboration that always results in better and quicker decisions making for your business.

8. Multi-store QuickBooks POS Hosting

Hosting your QuickBooks POS also allows for multiple locations to use one centralized database. This makes it easy for stores to accept multiple orders anytime without any hassle, thus increasing client satisfaction.

We can conclude that QuickBooks POS hosting has a lot of advantages because of the benefits it provides. Many cloud service providers offer subscription-based Point-of-Sale plans which includes important services such as free customer support, customized cloud solutions, and software leases.

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