Why Should You opt for UltraTax CS Hosting?

Accountants and tax professionals always look for new ways to automate tax and tax preparation processes. Lack of remote access to desktop-based tax preparation software, inability to collaborate in real-time, lack of scalability options, etc., often make it challenging to ensure a hassle-free accounting experience. Cloud-hosted UltraTax CS is one effective way by which they can use the power of the cloud with multiple benefits like anywhere, anytime access, high performance, reliability, and security. If you’re already aware of this solution; however, have limited knowledge, this blog post is for you. It entails multiple aspects of cloud-hosted UltraTax CS software, such as UltraTax CS hosting benefits, UltraTax CS hosting pricing, and the method of switching to UltraTax CS hosting. 

UltraTax CS Hosting

Read on to explore them and strengthen your decision-making process when choosing UltraTax CS hosting for your accounting needs. 

What is UltraTax CS Hosting? 

UltraTax CS hosting is the process of installing a licensed version of the desktop-based UltraTax CS software on the cloud servers of a hosting provider. With UltraTax CS hosted on the cloud, you get a virtualization environment backed by high-performance computing resources. It allows you to access the software and all your data remotely. Besides, you get a comprehensive set of functions and advantages that aligns with the state, federal, and local tax programs. 

You can use cloud-hosted UltraTax CS software to ensure error-free and hassle-free tax preparation. You can use the power of the cloud with unique benefits like anywhere, anytime access, superior performance, reliability, and security. It also saves you from the additional costs and efforts associated with setting up physical space. As a result, you don’t need to invest in server maintenance, hire an additional workforce, or purchase dedicated computer systems. All your employees can work on a centralized platform to collaborate and work together while ensuring improved productivity and work efficiency. 

Benefits of UltraTax CS Hosting 

Multi-User Mode

UltraTax CS software on the cloud allows multiple users to access the software simultaneously. Everyone can use their preferred devices, like desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, iPad, tablets, etc., to access the software from anywhere. 



Your needs might keep changing as the business grows, especially when the tax season is around. The inability to meet the increasing demand for resources could hinder your productivity and hamper business continuity. Hosting UltraTax CS software on the cloud is an excellent way to scale your resources up and down. Whether you need to increase RAM size or add users to your UltraTax CS account, the cloud-hosted UltraTax CS solution covers them all. All you need to do is convey your requirements to the hosting provider, and they will do the rest. 


Cloud-hosted UltraTax CS comes with an eSignature feature that saves you significant time and money, IRS hassles, and more. It is a fee-based feature that offers a convenient and secure way to sign tax documents electronically. 

Multi-User Collaboration

Hosting UltraTax CS on the cloud gives you an excellent opportunity to collaborate with your team members remotely. Features like UltraTax remote access allow multiple users to work on the same file simultaneously. If you have admin authority, you can grant users the right to view/edit files depending on their job roles. Any changes to a file can be seen in real-time, and everyone can stay updated with the latest updates. 

Bank-Level Security

Hosting UltraTax CS on the cloud servers of a reliable hosting provider means that all your business data are backed by 256-bit encryption, a multi-level firewall, and more. Plus, if you have administrative rights, you can grant various users access to files depending on their roles and responsibilities. 


Role-based access allows you to set a hierarchy and ensure the confidentiality of your mission-critical data. For example, accountants need access to business invoices, statements of financial transactions, taxation budgets, etc. Similarly, a CFO will require access to sensitive data of a business. With Cloud-hosted UltraTax CS in place, you can keep your business data secure without any security systems or technical expertise. 


Keeping expenses to a minimum is what businesses of all sizes prefer. However, you need to invest significantly in installing and maintaining an IT infrastructure. Besides, you need to hire in-house IT professionals to maintain the upkeep of the servers. 

Hosting UltraTax CS software on the cloud is an excellent way to eliminate these expenses, as you don’t need to install the tax software on local devices. You don’t need to hire an additional workforce to maintain the server and computer systems. This is because hosting providers install UltraTax CS on their cloud servers, and you can get remote access to all your data using your preferred devices. In addition, you get round-the-clock IT support for all your cloud-hosted tax software-related issues. 

Switching to UltraTax CS Hosting? Here’s How to Do It! 

Now that you know the benefits of UltraTax CS hosting, explore how to switch to UltraTax CS hosting services. Here’s a look at the series of steps involved in the process:  

  1. Find a reliable and efficient hosting provider with SSAE and HIPAA certification. 
  2. Consult your cloud setup expectations and scope of customization. 
  3. After successfully customizing your plan, share your UltraTax CS licensing information with the hosting provider. 
  4. Ask if the hosting provider can provide a demo for the entire process. If they do, go for it. 
  5. Start your subscription with a suitable UltraTax CS hosting pricing plan. 

You can select an appropriate UltraTax CS hosting pricing plan based on your requirements. Below mentioned are the various categories of UltraTax hosting from which you can choose the one for your business: 

  • Basic 
  • Standard 
  • Business 
  • Premium 
  • Advanced 

Final Thoughts 

UltraTax CS hosting comes with all the standard desktop application features infused with the advantages of the cloud. Remote accessibility, scalability, bank-level security, multi-user collaboration, etc., are to name a few. 

If you want to switch to UltraTax CS hosting, ensure that you ask the hosting provider as many questions as possible. Have a detailed consultation about your cloud setup expectations and your business requirements. Last but not least, ask for a demo for the entire process or host the tax software on the hosting provider’s server for a few days to check the overall performance. 

Got queries about UltraTax CS hosting? Get in touch with our Solutions Consultant @ +1-855-980-2150 or drop an email to [email protected]. 

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