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ACE’s DaaS: Completely Managed Solution To Streamline Your Retail Operations

The retail sector is one of the busiest industries in the US, more so in the holiday season. They need a solution that facilitates faster checkout, minimizes capital expenses, and optimizes employee productivity. However, the stand-still legacy POS hardware setup does not allow for much flexibility in the retail process.
Ace Cloud Hosting offers Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution, tailor-made for the retail industry. Our solution offers flexible virtual desktops, ensuring seamless application delivery on the personal devices of the retail workers. It enables mobility in the operations, enhancing overall productivity.
Moreover, DaaS is a fully managed service, which means that we offer you virtual desktops and take care of all your IT-related needs as well. Our services include desktop provisioning, management, support, and scaling. We also take care of all the security protocols and IT maintenance deployed for the virtual desktops.

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    Get Clear Visibility into Retail Operations

    Get Clear Visibility into Retail Operations

    When you are managing multiple stores, it is challenging to keep track of the inventory. As a result, some items can go ‘out of stock,’ leading to some unhappy customers leaving your store.

    With ACE’s DaaS solution, retail managers can get access to real-time inventory status on their personal devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This ensures all-time availability of stocks, leading to a delightful customer experience. Moreover, the sales executive can reach out to the customers for checkout rather than making them wait in line.

    Get Applications on Demand

    Although some of your retail store workers might need only a specific application to accomplish their tasks in the local desktop scenario, you have to provide each employee with a dedicated desktop.

    ACE’s DaaS solution offers retailers the ability to get their desired retail apps, be it inventory tracking, customer management, or accounting software on the device of their choice – Android, iOS, or Mac. We publish the applications on your endpoint devices, reducing the cost of an entire virtual desktop.

    Get Applications on Demand
    Ensure Complete Security For Your Data

    Ensure Complete Security For Your Data

    The retail process consists of private and confidential customer information, such as payment detail, house address, etc. Moreover, it also includes transactional details and bank accounts, which can be the prime target of hackers.

    Ace Cloud Hosting’s hosted VDI solution is wrapped under multiple levels of security – physical, network, admin, and endpoint. For this, we have deployed security safeguards such as 256-bit data encryption and TLS 1.3, Intrusion detection and prevention (IDPS), multi-factor authentication, group policies, access controls, and more.

    Reduce Capital Expenses for Your Store

    Setting up the desktop infrastructure for your retail stores can consume a large chunk of your budget. Moreover, the desktops need regular configuration upgrades with the changing business requirements.

    With ACE’s DaaS solutions for the retail industry, you get flexible virtual desktops created on our high-performance VDI environment. Hence, it eliminates the cost of purchasing expensive desktops for your POS system. Moreover, with our flexible pricing plans, you pay only for the resources the employees utilize, not a cent more.

    Reduce Capital Expenses for Your Store
    Fully Managed Services

    Fully Managed Services

    A retail manager, you are responsible for diverse tasks, such as inventory management, keeping track of transactions, ensuring customer satisfaction, and addressing complaints. The last thing you want to do is spend time on the recurring desktop issues.

    We offer a fully managed DaaS solution, which includes all the desktop management tasks. We design and implement the best desktop solution as per your requirements. We also ensure smooth data migration from your local systems to our cloud. You also do not need to worry about desktop management, upgrade, and setting security policies.

    Why ACE?

    On-demand Scalability

    The desktops can be scaled as per the business requirements, which means you can opt for more resources in the holiday season.

    Least Latency

    Work on high graphic applications without any lags and ensure uninterrupted working environment.

    Multi-Device Compatibility

    ACE’s DaaS enables the employees to work on Windows applications, even from their iPhones, Android devices, or macOS.

    Dedicated Support

    Our team of experts is available round the clock via call, chat, or email to efficiently resolve all your desktop-related issues.

    30-day Backup

    We implement automated backup with a retention period of 30 days to ensure that no data is lost.

    99.99% Uptime

    We ensure all-time availability of your applications and data with an SLA-backed 99.99% uptime guarantee.

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