Why CPAs Prefer QuickBooks On Cloud Over QuickBooks Online?

The accounting sector, like the rest of the world, is continuously changing due to technological improvements. CPAs are not just limited to books; they’ve evolved into a true financial partner capable of much more than simple bookkeeping.  

With fierce competition and changing client demands, QuickBooks is continually striving to provide CPAs with the best resources and tools imaginable, all of which are available via the cloud.  You may have come across options like QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Cloud Hosting when looking for the finest QuickBooks Cloud solution. Although they sound similar, they are not synonymous. Each service has its own set of features, perks, and offerings. 

QuickBooks Hosting

However, when it comes to security, cost savings, customization, and other factors, most businesses and CPAs prefer QuickBooks Hosting over QuickBooks Online. What makes QuickBooks Cloud Hosting better than QuickBooks Online? What are the advantages of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting for CPAs? Let’s find out, but first, learn about their basic differences. 

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QuickBooks Online 

With up to 17 million new small businesses expected to be established by 2022, Intuit QuickBooks has become one of the most popular accounting software solutions in the world. QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based service that does not require the installation of any software.  

Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced are all subscription tiers available for this QuickBooks software. It’s great for small business owners that use QuickBooks to track their cash flow, manage their invoices, and pay their bills. While it is useful for better managing financial responsibilities, it is a standalone model that only works with the online version. A cloud hosting provider, on the other hand, is able to support all QuickBooks Desktop types/editions.  

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting 

QuickBooks on cloud is just the desktop version of QuickBooks hosted on cloud-based servers. Usually, the server is owned by a third-party cloud provider. As a result, you gain access to all of the cloud’s advantages, including scalability, lower IT expenses, improved collaboration, and automatic upgrades.  

QuickBooks Desktop, like QuickBooks Online, can be accessed remotely by logging into the service provider’s cloud interface. For complicated accounting needs, QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is superior than QuickBooks Online since the solutions are more industry-specific and tailored to your needs. 

What Makes QuickBooks Cloud Hosting a Better Option for CPAs? 

High Optimization Level 

Customizability is critical for businesses with current QuickBooks onsite deployments who want to shift the application to a hosted IT environment without having to switch versions or lose vital features or settings. QuickBooks Hosting is highly flexible and adaptable, making it secure, accessible, and cost-effective. 

QuickBooks Hosting

For example, the hosted QuickBooks Desktop allows you to keep track of your inventory, create POs, and assign different price levels to items. The resources in the hosted QuickBooks Desktop are well-managed, providing the user complete control over the application. These features, on the other hand, are exclusively accessible only in plus version of QuickBooks Online. 

Affordable Pricing 

While QuickBooks Online has a lot of functionality, it’s still fairly pricey to keep it up to date. Yes, one of the less interesting parts of the service is its expense. This pricey framework also includes add-ons, which have their own price.

The pricing differs even further when you opt for simple processes like automated data backups, customized reports, automated approvals, etc. These features are not available unless you purchase the application’s most expensive subscription. As a result, using the service’s full functionalities as a small business is quite difficult.  

On the other hand, QuickBooks Desktop when hosted on the cloud is an affordable option than QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting eliminates the need for IT personnel to set up an in-house server, connect to many PCs, manage unexpected outages, and arrange regular hardware and software upgrades. All of these operations can be handled by a third-party host providing remote services at no additional expense other than the monthly subscription. 

Better Third-Party Integration 

QuickBooks Desktop on cloud allows you to add other applications or software that integrates with QuickBooks on the same desktop, although QuickBooks Online does not. For example, the hosted QuickBooks interfaces extensively with the CRM software Act! This means that whenever a new entry is made to the CRM, QuickBooks on cloud will instantly input the same data into the system. This saves users a significant amount of time and effort, which has a direct influence on productivity. 

Specialized Industry Solutions 

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting can provide industry-specific solutions that are highly specialized to your business’s needs, such as for general contractors, manufacturing, retail, nonprofit organizations, and more. QuickBooks Online, on the other hand, does not have any industry-specific editions. 

Robust Disaster Recovery 

Whatever the size of your company, you should always invest in a robust and thorough disaster recovery system. However, all of the ideal things aren’t easy to put in place, and CPAs especially find it tough to invest in a solid disaster recovery strategy. CPAs work with a company’s most sensitive data, so catastrophe recovery must be handled with extreme caution; otherwise, even a minor fault might result in significant loss. 

QuickBooks Hosting

With the capability of QuickBooks cloud hosting, disaster recovery becomes a cakewalk as the user does not need to do anything. Most of the best QuickBooks hosting providers offer fortnightly backups of the client’s data at several places so that in the event of a disaster, the data may be restored quickly. This is a significant benefit for the CPAs since it provides them with a solid disaster recovery system that prepares them to deal with any form of disaster, whether man-made or natural. 

Bottom Line 

While QuickBooks Online is new and constantly evolving, the easiest option appears to be hosting QuickBooks on the cloud. With almost everything remaining similar to the desktop version, QuickBooks Cloud Hosting also promises benefits of cloud. As a result, Ace QuickBooks Hosting provides you with the best of both worlds: desktop and cloud.  

Ace Cloud Hosting, an Intuit-authorized hosting provider, can provide you with a safe and cost-effective cloud-based accounting solution. It provides industry-specific solutions that are appropriate for various types of professionals, including CPAs. Take advantage of all the capabilities of your desktop application while benefiting from the flexibility and mobility of the cloud. Get in touch with us right away! 

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