Jameson & Co. Gained Accounting Efficiency with Ace Cloud's Application Hosting Solutions

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    About Company

    Jameson & Co. is a well-known accounting firm that provides government contractors with outsourced accounting services. Traditionally, the firm heavily relied on QuickBooks in its desktop form for bookkeeping and write-up tasks. However, as the need for collaborative cloud-based solutions became apparent, the firm transitioned to QuickBooks Online (QBO). But Jameson & Co. still faced the following key business challenges with clients continuing to use QuickBooks Desktop.

    Bryan Cohen’s insight says it all: “There’s not much on our server anymore; it’s all on the cloud. IT costs have lowered. It’s great to have everything we need, lots of flexibility.”

    Bryan Cohen
    CPA, Partner

    Challenges Encountered

    • Difficulty collaborating due to version differences
    • Hesitation in moving to QuickBooks Online
    • Struggles with traditional accounting methods
    • Large file handling issues and file corruption
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    • Cloud-Based Practice Management System
    • Efficient Payroll Management with Leading Applications
    • Automated Accounts Payable Processes with BILL
    • Migration to cloud and Managed Services for enhanced security
    Discover how Jameson & Co. Addressed Collaboration Issues with Ace Cloud's Application Hosting.

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