6 Questions You Should Ask to Sage 50 Hosting Provider

It’s no secret that Sage 50 is one of the most popular accounting software suites in the market. But what many business leaders don’t know is that a variety of hosting providers can offer their company a host of benefits like security, reliability, and scalability. So, if you’re in the market for a Sage 50 hosting provider, here are six things you should ask before making a decision. Ensure that you have questions like these on hand so you can take advantage of the moment you come face-to-face with a Sage 50 hosting provider. 

6 questions you should ask a sage 50 hosting providerChoosing a Sage 50 Hosting Provider 

Cloud accounting is flourishing across the world. According to recent statistics, the global market size for cloud accounting was $2.62 billion; by the end of 2023, it is estimated to be $4.25 billion. 

SMBs account for a sizable portion of cloud adoption as they depend more and more on cloud service providers to assist them in accelerating their growth. Thanks to the cloud, millions of smaller businesses now have access to applications and services previously available only to large enterprises. However, IT services’ growing complexity and costs often make it challenging for SMBs to keep up. 

Smaller firms benefit from a cloud service provider’s increased business agility by being better able to adapt to market demands, take advantage of IT advancements, and expand into new areas. 

It’s a significant step to hand over mission-critical accounting software like Sage 50 to a Sage 50 hosting provider. Businesses need a reliable cloud hosting services provider, especially when they want to enhance their accounting capabilities. They must sift through prospects using the appropriate questions to choose from the several cloud hosting service providers available. 

Questions Businesses Need to Ask a Sage 50 Hosting Providers

1. What measures do you follow for data security and backup? 

Data protection and safety are the main factors influencing businesses’ propensity to choose hosted Sage 50 accounting solutions. They must check the privacy policies before trusting any Sage 50 hosting providers. Additionally, they must also be aware of the regularity of data backups and recovery alternatives offered in the event of an unintentional loss. 

Generally, reputed Sage 50 hosting providers deploy multiple security measures to protect businesses from cyber threats like Ransomware, DDoS, etc. These include multi-level firewalls, multi-factor authentication, 256-bit data encryption, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPs), etc. 

2. What is Your Uptime? 

Sage 50 hosting, when provided with high SLA-backed server uptime, offers significant advantages to businesses of all sizes. High server uptime is an essential component of Sage 50 cloud hosting services and is crucial in making Sage 50 accessible anytime and from anywhere. 

Businesses can get rapid access to Sage 50’s technologically advanced accounting processes for everyday tasks, such as bookkeeping, tax compliance, and payroll processing. With this in mind, it’s essential to ask the Sage 50 hosting provider about the uptime value offered by them. The value indicates the total number of hours the hosting provider guarantees the availability of Sage 50. Businesses can ask the Sage 50 service provider to mention the value in the SLA, so they’re legally obligated to offer the same. 

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3. What kind of support will you offer? 

Not every business knows the technicalities of Sage 50 hosting or the functioning of cloud technology. They learn about the advantages of hosting Sage 50 on the cloud and hire a hosting provider. But what if there’s a technical problem and they can’t work on the cloud-hosted Sage 50 accounting solutions? In such cases, they need a reliable cloud hosting provider who offers round-the-clock customer support. 

Considering the above circumstance, businesses must ask Sage 50 hosting providers about the type of support they will provide. They must ask if the service provider offers 24×7, 365 days customer support. It is essential, mainly because businesses might need assistance anytime, and they must ensure the uninterrupted working of hosted Sage 50 application. 

In addition to the above, businesses should enquire about the various mediums by which the hosting providers offer IT support. These include phone, chat, email support, etc. 

4. What is your pricing structure? 

Businesses could find many Sage 50 hosting providers offering lucrative deals for their new customers. However, they must understand what they pay for. When choosing a hosting provider, they must ask about the pricing structure of the hosting provider. They can ask for an itemized cost estimation for Sage hosting services from the service provider and check whether there are any hidden charges. Further, they can compare the cost estimation with other hosting providers to decide whether or not to opt for their services.  

5. Do you offer a free trial for Sage 50 hosting? 

Businesses must check the quality of hosting offered by a hosting provider to experience seamless Sage 50 hosting service. The quality of hosting services must align with the commitment made by the service provider. A free trial of Sage 50 hosting is an excellent way to examine this. Businesses can ask if the service provider offers a free trial of Sage 50 hosting. Using the hosted Sage 50 accounting solutions for a few days will help them decide whether or not to continue with the cloud hosting provider. 

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6. What does the Service Level Agreement cover? 

There shouldn’t be any doubt about what a Sage 50 hosting provider covers in their SLA. Get clarity on each server’s redundancy, enquire about the details and costs involved in data restoration process, if any. 

Further, there should be clarity regarding what SLAs cover and don’t cover. Ask for specifics and associated charges about the restoration process and learn about the redundancy of each server. 

Final Words 

Before entrusting your business to a sage 50 hosting provider, these are some essential questions that need answers. Remember that you shouldn’t just focus on the price while looking for a hosting provider. Other factors such as data security, uptime, and support offered also play an essential role in ensuring the smooth running of a business. 

We hope this blog post helped answer some of the key questions businesses should ask a potential Sage 50 hosting provider. For any queries or help finding the right Sage 50 hosting solution, feel free to contact our Solutions Consultant at +1-855-363-0916, who will be more than happy to assist further. 

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